Status message

We are a Canada-based Drupal consulting, development, and design company. We are dedicated to building flexible, responsive, and user-friendly solutions with the goal of empowering my clients to be able to leverage all the power of open source software.

We strive to meet your needs through the following, but not limited to the following services

  • Large, scalable infrastructure and deployments using Aegir, Drush, and Git
  • Analysis of existing web content to use the latest design trends and ease-of-use by your end users>
  • Multilingual content management
  • Robust Apache Solr search interfaces
  • Content import and synchronization
  • Custom theme integration
  • Custom module development
  • Search engine optimization for Drupal (SEO)
  • Responsive designs
  • Drupal training
  • E-commerce

Drupal contributions

We frequently dedicate time to supporting the development to open source through the following methods:

  • Patch contributions
  • Reporting issues to developers with possible solutions
  • Contributed modules
  • Responding to issues on Drupal Answers (


We provide training on a wide range of Drupal topics including site building, theming, development, project management, Aegir setup and deployment models, SEO integration, and content architecture.

People interested can contact me us at