Is your organization benefiting from a vibrant, growing Drupal ecosystem?

If you answered yes, you should consider joining or renewing membership in the Supporting Partner program. Participation in the Supporting Partner program helps make it possible for the Drupal Association to maintain and grow the Drupal project.

(What is the Drupal Association?)

Support from Drupal partners helps make the project happen Everyone in the Drupal ecosystem benefits from the growth and success of Drupal Do your part to support and the community

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Funding from partner programs, individual memberships, donations, and proceeds from events, is helping to build a successful Drupal ecosystem. All of the funding from partner programs goes directly to support Join or renew your membership in the Supporting Partner Program today and do your part to ensure the on-going success of the Drupal project.

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Program Components Signature Premium Classic
Annual Fee $15,000 $7,500 $2,500
Drupal Association Communications
Early notification of new programs or products, including DrupalCon Sponsorships
Early DrupalCon Sponsorship booth selection
Monthly email updates on improvements Assets
Logo on Supporter Page
Contribution Credits towards your marketplace rank 1st tier 2nd tier 3rd tier
Featured Case Study on front page 4 wks/yr 2 wks/yr
Featured News Item on front page 2 posts/yr 1 post/yr
Program Web Badge with Supporter Level on Organization Page
Program Web Badge available for use on your website and promotional materials
Promote your special offers to Association members via Membership Benefits page
Drupal Association Assets
Drupal Association Thank you tweet
Drupal Association Newsletter Thank you 1 time
Drupal Association quarterly update webcast with Executive Director, Megan Sanicki
Free standard listing on Drupal Jobs 10x 7x 5x
Quarterly blog updates that recognize and thanks all supporters, including you!
DrupalCon Assets
DrupalCon Sponsor Discounts! 10% off sponsorship package or guaranteed early bird pricing on up to 5 DrupalCon tickets. 2 Cons/yr 2 Cons/yr 1 Con/yr
Logo on Executive Director’s Keynote presentation slides
“I’m a Drupal Association Supporter!” signage for your sponsor booth
Invitation to VIP/Sponsor Appreciation Happy Hour
Premium signage location in high traffic areas at DrupalCons
Ticket to the Drupal Business Summit ($200 Value). For Drupal Agencies only. 2x 1x

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