Below you will find a list of common questions about DrupalCon. For information regarding a specific DrupalCon event, you will need to visit that event's web page. The list of all DrupalCons can be found here.

General Information

What is DrupalCon?
DrupalCon is the official conference of the Drupal Community. Each year, cities are selected in Europe, North America, and we're experimenting with adding others key growth markets around the world. 

Who puts on DrupalCon?
DrupalCon is produced by the Drupal Association, a local and global team of dedicated volunteers, and generous support from sponsors.


How do I register for DrupalCon?
You can register for DrupalCon on the DrupalCon website by clicking “Tickets & Registration” on the homepage. If you need help with registration simply contact our support team.

Is it possible to buy multiple tickets for my team or a single ticket for someone other than myself?
Yes. If you already know who will be attending DrupalCon, please enter the email address of the attendee on the online registration form. The attendee will then receive a notification with a redemption code and instructions on how to redeem the ticket you purchased for them. If you don’t know who will be going to DrupalCon, leave the email field blank. Once you’re ready to assign the blank ticket to someone, log in to your account to access the individual ticket redemption code and give it to the attendee. The attendee has to redeem the ticket prior to the event at by entering the redemption code and their username.

How can I print/access my invoice so I can be reimbursed by my company?
First, you will need to be logged in to the DrupalCon site. Click “My Account” and then click the “Orders” tab. You’ll see a list of orders made on the site. Click the PDF link for the invoice you'd like to download. If you have questions regarding your order, simply contact our support team.

Refund Policy

DrupalCon tickets are non-refundable, however we make it very easy to transfer your registration to another person. If you need to transfer your DrupalCon registration, simply contact our support team.

How do I...? 

I’ve got an amazing topic and I want to present it at DrupalCon - what do I need to do? 
Each DrupalCon has an open call for papers (or sessions) about 6 months prior to the conference. You’ll need to submit your session online during this window to be considered for Session Selection. Find out if the current conference is accepting submissions by going to:

How can I offer a Training at DrupalCon?
To be considered to offer a Training at DrupalCon you must submit a proposal during the Call for Training proposal, which occurs about 6 months prior to the conference. Find out if the current conference is accepting submissions by going to

If a Training is sold out, how can I get on the waiting list?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a waitlist for trainings. If seats become available in a Training, we will announce these capacity changes on @drupalcon.

My company is interested in Sponsoring DrupalCon, how can we get involved?
That’s awesome - we love to see companies giving back to the Drupal community! You can check out the benefits and information  involved with sponsoring on our Why Sponsor page.  Alternately, you can contact Carrie Lacina, our Director of Revenue, directly to learn more about DrupalCon Sponsorship opportunities. 

I love DrupalCon, how can I Volunteer to help?
We can always use volunteers to help out onsite as room monitors! Make sure to check "I'd like to volunteer" during the registration / checkout process. Due to the level of interest for this position, we are unable to offer free or discounted tickets to onsite volunteers. 

I can’t afford all/part of the cost to attend DrupalCon - what are my options?
If you are a full time student you may qualify for a 50% reduced price ticket. If you are a code or community contributor you may also qualify for a Drupal Association Grant or Scholarship.  You can see if we are accepting applications to our current Con at

If you want to convince your boss to send you to DrupalCon, we offer resources - please reach out to us to help you!

Help Desk

Lost & Found
Please contact the Drupal Association if you have found or lost something at a recent DrupalCon. Reuniting lost Mac adaptors with their human owners is sometimes the highlight of our day!

Help, I’ve still got a question/need to report a bug!
Not a problem! Simply send an email with your question/bug to the Drupal Association help desk and someone from our amazing customer support team will get back to you.