To date, Community Cultivation Grants from the Drupal Association have awarded over $60,000 to 50 projects around the world. The grants supported camps, training, a magazine, a sprint and more.

Grant Title



Status/Final Report*


Drupal Days India $500 Joyce George Awarded/Report
Drupal Code Retreat (South Africa) $500 Esaya Jokonya Awarded
Drupal Developer Days 2017 (Seville, Spain) $1500 Christian López Espínola Awarded
Drupal Camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo $1500 Narcisse Mbunzama Awarded/Report
Drupal training for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo $1000 Narcisse Mbunzama Awarded
Lagos Drupalversity $500 Chimezie Chuta Awarded
DrupalCamp Nicaragua $750 Lucas Hedding Awarded/Report


Drupal Apprenticeship Program (Philippines) $250 Gemma Rose Dublan Awarded
Drupal IronCamp Prague 2016 $1500 Petr Illek Awarded
DrupalCamp Greece $500 Thanos Poulitsas Awarded
DrupalCamp Nigeria $750 Chimezie Chuta Awarded/Report
DrupalCamp CS (Czech & Slovakia) $600 Miroslav Michalicka Awarded/Report
DrupalCamp Porto Alegre 2016 $1,100 Guilherme Lopes Awarded
CMS Africa Summit Drupal Hackthon $400 Benjamin Lutaaya Awarded
Drupal Camp Mexico-Guadalajara 2016 $2000 Martha Contreras Awarded/Report
DrupalCamp Vietnam $1500 Tom Tran Awarded/Report


DrupalCamp Siberia $2000 Alexander Voinov Awarded/Report
DrupalCamp Santiago de Chile 2015 $1500 Alberto Arancibia Awarded/Report
DrupalCamp Nigeria 2015 $1500 Chimezie Chuta Awarded/Report
Drupal for Girls (Uganda) $975 Solomon Kitumba Awarded
DrupalCamp CS (Czech and Slovakia) $850 Jozef Toth Awarded
DrupalCamp Wroclaw $700 Grzegorz Bartman Awarded
Drupal Developer Days 2015 $3000 Julien Dubois Awarded
Drupal Camp Skopje $1500 Vasil Grozdanoski Awarded/Report
Drupal Site Building for Boys & Girls Club (Minneapolis) $300 Peter Sohal Awarded


DrupalCamp Moscow 2014 $1500 Andrey Yurtaev Awarded
DrupalCamp Guayaquil 2014 $800 Darwin Betancourt Awarded
Uganda University Drupal Tour $1488 Solomon Kitumba Awarded
DrupalCamp Bolivia 2014


Cristian Mamani Awarded
Drupalcamp Cebu 2014 $750 Luc Bezier Awarded
DrupalCamp Central America $1000 Christian Galicia Awarded
Drupalaton Sprints $1500 Zsófi Major Awarded/Report
DrupalCamps Pakistan $1000 Azmat Shah Complete/Report 1, Report 2
DevSigner, Portland, OR $1000 Stephanie Gutowski Awarded
DrupalCamp South Carolina $1000 Tom Sliker Awarded
Drupal Camp Manila 2014 $1000 Gemma Rose Devanadera Awarded
CMS Garden $5000 Meike Jung Awarded
Drupal Bulgaria Roadshow $2000 Ivo Radulovski Awarded/Report
Charlotte Drupal Drive-in $500 Mark Shropshire Complete/Report


Drupal Dev Days Szeged 2014 $2000 Gábor Hojtsy Complete/Report
DrupalCamp Mexico City $1500 Ricardo Beltrån Awarded/Report
DrupalCamp Fox Valley $1000 William C. Long Awarded
DrupalCamp Korea $300 Jiyoung Yun Awarded
DrupalCamp China 2014 $1000 Jingsheng Wang Complete/Report
DrupalCamp Dubai $650 Azmat Shah Complete/Report
Drupal Education Days (Romania) $300 Adrian Pintille Complete/Report
Philippine Drupal Campus Tours $750 Gemma Rose Complete/Report
Drupal Code Drop In (India) $600 Vijaya Chandran Mani Awarded


Singapore DrupalCamp 2012 $1800 Sven Berg Ryen Complete/Report
DrupalCamp China $1,500 Jingsheng Wang Complete/Report 1, Report 2
Drupal Balkan Summit $1,000 Mario Marić Complete/Report
DrupalCamp North West 2012 (UK) $1,000 Paul Johnson Complete/Report
DrupalCamp Arad (Romania) $1,500 Claudiu Cristea Complete/Report
DrupalCamp Seoul $190 Jiyoung Yun Complete/Report
Village of Oak Park Drupal User Group $240 Cathy Theys Complete/Report
Drupal Vietnam College Tours $2,000 Tom Tran Awarded/Report
Drupal Rally Belarus $1,000 Mikhail Volchek Complete/Report 1, Report 2
SFDUG and BDUG $1,363 John Albin Complete/Report
Drupal Play Days $140 John Zavocki Complete/Report
Drupal Roadshow Austria $1500 Christian Ziegler Complete/Report 1, Report 2
DrupalCamp BiH $1000 Pero Cigelj Awarded
DrupalCamp 3D (Philippines) $1200 Gladys Regalado Awarded
DrupalCamp Jordan $1500 Issa Mahasneh Awarded
Asia Drupal Community Advocacy $1425 Ronan Berder Complete/Report
NJ DrupalCamp $500 Peter Wolanin Complete/Report


DrupalCamp Donetsk $400 Vadim Mirgorod Complete/Report
Open Magazine Program $2500 Nick Vidal Complete/Report
DrupalCamp Scotland $1500 Robert Carr Complete/Report
DrupalCamp Berlin 2011 $1710 Marco Rademacher Complete
Drupal Discovery Day $1000  Steve Purkiss Complete/Report
DrupalCamp WNY 2011 $1350 John P. Weiksnar Complete/Report
Montreal Multilingual Drupal Sprint $1300 Gabor Hojtsy Complete/Report
DrupalCamp NH 2011 $1500 Jake Strawn Complete/Report

* Key to status:

  • Complete: Grant has been awarded and the event/project has happened
  • Awarded: Grant has been awarded, but the event/project has not yet happened
  • Not Awarded: Grant was awarded but declined by the recipient