community cultvation grants

The Drupal Association is providing member-funded Drupal Community Cultivation Grants - a grant program that seeks to transform, support, and educate Drupal communities around the world, particularly in emerging areas. Through a limited number of grants, we are seeking to support current and future organizers and leaders of DrupalCamps, Drupal Meetups, Drupal Sprints, Drupal coalitions, and other creative projects that are spreading information within the Drupal community and educating individuals outside the community about Drupal. These are not intended to act as “just another sponsorship” for a project, Community Cultivation Grants should be thought of kickstarter funds to get a project off the ground. Grant awards will range from several hundred to several thousand dollars per project and are funded directly through our membership program.

Current Grant Cycles

Submissions are open on a first come, first served basis.

What will be funded?

We are looking for creative ideas that foster and support the Drupal software project and its amazing community. Specifically we are looking to fund projects that:

  • Educate people about Drupal
  • Engage the community to learn more about and become more involved in the project
  • Engage current and potential community members in learning more about the community through events such as DrupalCamps, Drupal Jams, Code sprints, FOSS days, etc.
  • Unique projects that build the Drupal community
  • Expose new industry sectors to the benefits of the Drupal software and its community.
  • Applications that are inclusive of a wide range of skill levels are more likely to be considered than events that are exclusive to only advanced or expert users.
  • Projects that are making an effort to be self-sufficient by building a network of sponsors or other sustainable funding sources.

The Sample Concepts section below outlines a variety of projects that would meet the basic criteria for funding. Software development grants under this program must help new people learn or learn more about Drupal. The Drupal Association is not allowed to involve itself in the direction of the Drupal software, therefore grants cannot be used for:

  • Drupal development
  • Custom module development
  • Customizations to Drupal core

There are no requirements regarding who can be awarded a grant. They can go to individuals, ad-hoc Drupal user groups, or organizations of any type. Applicants will be required to submit a followup report that will be made public to the community.

The status of grants awarded in previous cycles are available for review.

Application Process

To apply for a Drupal Community Cultivation Grant, please complete the application at: We encourage you to apply at least a month before the start of the event/project.

The primary criteria that will be used when considering applications is how effective the project will be in building and supporting the Drupal community. Travel requests will be asked for more information to better help the grant team understand the community outcomes. Other criteria include, but are not limited to, amount of the request, level of marketing efforts for the project, ability to measure the success of the project, number of people who will benefit (directly and indirectly).

Grant recipients will be required to account for (on a per-project basis) how all grant moneys are spent. The Association may also request copies of expense receipts to ensure that our membership funds are being spent wisely. All recipients will be required to provide a link to a publicly available (preferably somewhere on 250-word report on the project within 60 days of the completion of the event/project. 


Questions regarding the Drupal Community Cultivation Grants can be submitted via the Drupal Assocation contact form (please select the “Drupal Community Cultivation Grants” category).

Sample Grant Concepts


DrupalCamp Atlantis is running their first DrupalCamp at the local Plato University. They expect 50-75 attendees but as this is their first DrupalCamp they are unsure. The University is requesting $300 to help pay for cleaning and security for the event.

Drupal sprint for newbies

The local community in Shelbyville would like to host their first Drupal sprint. Their local meetups have been doing well and they have a number of active developers. They request a grant to provide travel expenses for regional subject matter experts from the Drupal community.

Drupal lecture series

A local high school in Brockway is experimenting with open source and is requesting a grant to help expand a set of lectures on Drupal to help explain to students what OSS is and how Drupal is used. The grant will be used to create an open source curriculum that will be available to other high schools.

DrupalCamp Speaker Expenses

DrupalCamp Metropolis would like to fly in one of the core maintainers for Drupal 8 to speak at their camp. The organizers feel that this will draw more people to their camp as well as provide inspiration for their local community. They request a grant of $1500 to help pay for travel expenses, and are prepared to talk about why this core maintainer will help focus their community.

Subject Matter Expert Travel Expenses

A code sprint for a major Drupal initiative is being planned for Gotham City. Most of the subject matter experts are local to Gotham City, but there is one key subject matter expert that requires assistance with travel expenses. The organizers of the sprint request a grant of $1000 to help pay for travel expenses.


The towns of Majestic, Agrestic and Ren Mar are full of developers that are active in Open Source but none of them have a strong, organized Drupal community. A roadshow introducing Drupal and the Drupal Community is proposed, with $1000 to help pay for marketing materials and travel expenses.

New Meetups

Farquaad City has a few interested people who want to start a meetup. They're not sure how many people would be interested, but they'd like to rent a room at a local coffeeshop for one night a month for 6 months to see what's possible. They've asked for $600 to cover the room rental.