We are excited to open our RFP process for DrupalCon North America and are currently looking at locations for 2021-2024.  

If you've attended DrupalCon in the past, you know that it is a special event, bringing together 3,000+ people from across the globe and across roles and industries to build Drupal, outline the future of the project, learn skills, teach others, and propel open source forward.

If you are eager for your city to host a DrupalCon, we recommend you send this link to your city's Convention Center or Tourism Bureau. We have begun outreach to cities that our DrupalCon team has identified as a good fit. 

Our RFP needs are outlined in the documents in this folder. Note: the documents are different file formats, however the contents are identical. All proposals must be submitted by September 4, 2018 at 8am PST.

If you are a convention center or tourism bureau and have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to us.

We appreciate your interest in DrupalCon and look forward to announcing where our future DrupalCons will be.


seanr’s picture

Never been in New York, AFAIK. Best transit in the country, great restaurants and nightlife, plenty of hotels, and tons of local Drupal devs. ;)

kenrbnsn’s picture

For me NYC would be great -- easy commute by train (assuming NJ Transit gets it's act together) and a short walk to the Javits Center, but for out of town folks, the hotels could be very expensive. Philly would be my next choice -- also accessible by train or car. Expensive hotels. Boston would be my next choice. Just a 5 to 6 hour drive for me to get there...

Other cities in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area -- Pittsburgh, Hartford, Atlantic City (don't know if the convention center there is large enough), Richmond, VA.

Ken Robinson
Hillsborough, NJ
@kenrbnsn on twitter

aitala’s picture

Pittsburgh would be good. 

Eric Aitala - ema13@psu.edu
Penn State


gauravmishra7’s picture

We just concluded very successful NY based Decoupled Drupal Days and no doubt NY should be the one that should get next DrupalCon

mr.ashishjain’s picture

NYC sounds like one of the strong & obvious choice considering the successful past events, commute and connectivity. Certainly, a place to be..!!

cmoeser’s picture

NYC City is definitely a great choice! Transportation, hotels, entertainment and a large Drupal developer base all around the Tri state area. Decoupled Drupal Days was very well done and well attended! 

rachel_norfolk’s picture

NYC is accessible to Europe attendees, too. Travel costs tend to be fairly reasonable compared to many places in NA. Might help attendance!

naidim’s picture

Great location, plenty of places to stay, plenty of after-hours entertainment, easy access to, and around, the city.

Every time I've been to NYC it has smelled so bad (like Tijuana) that it made me sick, but at least I could drive there.

arruk’s picture

Montreal or Indianapolis  -- Montreal is amazing and full of Drupal developers. Indianapolis has a fantastic convention center and if you've been to GenCon you know how welcoming it is.  

jenn_jones’s picture

Come to Phoenix, Arizona anytime in the December-March time frame.  It is beautiful here! The Phoenix Convention Center would hold everyone and we have great Mexican food. :) 

fndtn357’s picture

great waterfront - great food - great beer - great bicycles - great parks - Niagara Falls right around the corner - Toronto right around the corner - small city needs Drupal love

holingpoon’s picture

I actually thought about NYC and about hotel costs. If we are to host DrupalCon at Javits Center, we can think about hotels in Long Island City in Queens, which is highly reachable via the No. 7 train.

Also having been to DrupalCon Vienna, I realize that a lot of Drupalers have Visa issues and are unable to attend DrupalConNA in the States. Canada on the other hand does not have the same Visa restrictions, thereby letting many more Drupalers from faraway to experience a North American DrupalCon. So I recommend Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto.

amanda.drupal’s picture

Thank you everyone for your feedback on possible locations - we appreciate it!  A lot of great cities are listed above and we are looking forward to see the proposals submitted.

For those of you who have suggested Canadian cities, while we do agree that they are welcoming and awesome places to stay, at this point, there are some additional hurdles that will need to be taken into account should a Canadian city submit a proposal.  Here is a blog detailing the work we did to look into bringing a Con to Canada from earlier this year: https://www.drupal.org/association/blog/we-asked-you-answered-drupalcon-...

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NYC or Pittsburgh would be great.


gmail sign up editor

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A lot of direct flights not only from plenty of places at NA but Europe and other regions too. Seatle and Minneapolis are not so easy. 
But yes, more hotels partners with direct trains should be also provided.

Petr Illek’s picture

If I ever go to US I would like to visit NYC (despite I don't like big cities) and DrupalCon can be an extra reason to do so.

dalin’s picture

The last Canadian DrupalCon was 2006 in Vancouver.  Let's bring it back! This would also benefit the many international Drupalers who can't get into the U.S. (or can't get in easily).

Montréal, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Halifax, and Toronto (or any of the adjacent cities that are closer to the airport like Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughn, or King) are probably the best options. 

dave hansen-lange
Technical Manager
Great White North office