We are excited to share the news that we have a new addition to the Drupal Association team - thanks to Srijan.

Last year, we announced the reduction of our team size in order to make the Drupal Association more sustainable. In response, Srijan, a long time Drupal Association Supporter, hired Piyush Jain to work on marketing initiatives and has donated 100% of his time to the Drupal Association.

It’s an incredibly generous contribution and we are extremely grateful for Srijan’s support.

Welcome Piyush

So, please meet Piyush. (In all honesty, he’s been on our team since January, but we’ve been a little slow in our introduction.) He has several years experience in the Drupal community from working at Srijan as well as helping organize Drupal Camp Delhi. We are fortunate to have someone talented, who understands the Drupal culture and is familiar with our programs.

Piyush hit the ground running, helping us promote DrupalCon Baltimore. Now he is working on DrupalCon Vienna, Drupal.org case studies, and Drupal Jobs. Piyush offers a great new perspective and is a valuable addition to the team.

Thank you Srijan and welcome Piyush!


kattekrab’s picture

Fantastic news - thanks Piyush and Srijan.

This is a great model for Open source sustainability.  When vendor citizens can donate employees time and effort to the non-profit associations that support the software we all depend on, it makes a huge difference!  

pdjohnson’s picture

Fantastic news. Pleased to hear Piyush will be taking the reins of Drupal.org case studies. This is a vital part of showing the broad applications Drupal is used for.

Wishing you the very best in your "new" role.

--Paul Johnson

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Great news :) This is a great model for Open source sustainability & definitely going to make a huge difference. Congratulations from Team Bottom Stack & very welcome.

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Congratulation Piyush for becoming a part of Drupal Association team