Join in the fun during the Drupal Association membership campaign happening now through August 4. We're providing personalized certificates of membership to individual and organization members who join or renew during the campaign and we need your help spreading the word.

The campaign has two goals: help us deliver 500 certificates and raise $18,250 during July 10-August 4. By sharing and encouraging Drupal users and people in the community to join us, you'll help us meet these goals. If we are told by 5 or more members that you referred them to us during this campaign, we'll thank you on social media.

Grab words and graphics from this post and share away. If you are a member who would like your own certificate let us know and we'll send one your way. Post your selfie or hang your certificate on the wall. Thanks for sharing!


Share why you are a member.

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Join before August 4. Get a member certificate.
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Join the Drupal Association by August 4 to get your membership certificate
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Thank you for supporting the Drupal Association and for being part of our community.


dalin’s picture

How do I figure out when my current individual/org memberships expire?  I don't see anything at

or[my org]

dave hansen-lange
Technical Manager
Great White North office

lizzjoy’s picture

Hi Dave, if you go to you'll see your expiration date for your individual membership at the top.

This page should list the date for anyone who has contributed member dues on behalf of your org:

Lizz Trudeau