Media Industry Page

We are excited to announce that the first three industry pages are now live on, highlighting the power of Drupal solutions in higher education, government and media/publishing. The pages are designed to quickly inform and inspire technical evaluators and connect them to service providers and technology vendors who can help them move further through their Drupal adoption journey.

The Drupal Association is incredibly proud to showcase the Drupal community’s innovation, creativity, and ability to solve end users’ challenging problems. More importantly, these pages are a resource that Drupal businesses can point to as they convince potential clients that Drupal is the right choice for them. We know this is a needed resource not only because Drupal agencies have asked for this, but because our user research was resoundingly positive. One government digital director said “I wish this was around when I was pitching my state CIO on Drupal”.

This launch is the first phase for this initiative. We will learn and iterate to keep improving the pages and we will expand the industries to include pages like healthcare, finance, ecommerce, and more.

The Research We Used

Building the industry pages was a community effort. Drupal Association staff framed the concept and then reached out to end-users of Drupal in these industries, service providers who've built solutions for these markets, and the community at large. We listened to all of you who shared your thoughts in the original blog post about this initiative.

We conducted user research, interviewing decision makers and influencers at end user organizations to make sure the pages resonated strongly with them. We talked to organizations like, Burda Media, State of North Carolina, Georgia Technology Authority, Duke University, Cornell University - and more!

We also talked to people at agencies who pitch Drupal solutions all day long such as Acquia, Ashday, Blackmesh, Digital Echidna, FFW, Forum One, ImageX Media, Kwall, Lingotek, Lullabot,, Pantheon, and Phase2.

We will continue to take feedback from our global community. Our goal is to keep iterating on these industry pages as we learn more.

About The Pages

The industry pages are part of the About Drupal section and they are promoted from the front page. The homepage of receives about 350,000 visits a month, and about 50% of those visitors are new to The front page is primarily technical evaluators coming to learn more about Drupal and we see this as they click on our evaluator resources like About Drupal, TryDrupal, and Case Studies.

Based on user research, we know that before someone comes to the industry pages, they likely know that Drupal is an open source community-built CMS and their organization is leaning towards an open source solution. However, we did make sure the pages do not assume the visitor already knows what Drupal is, because some will find the page through search.

Another key feature is geo-targeting. Currently, we serve localized content for the Americas, EMEA, and AP/Australia/New Zealand regions. This allows us to showcase case studies that will resonate to visitors based on their location. For example, on the Americas page, we highlight the Department of Energy - a U.S federal agency. In EMEA, we highlight City of London - a UK city, and in AP/Australia/New Zealand we highlight the State Revenue Office of Victoria, Australia - a federal agency.  We took this approach because business owners at digital agencies from each region said that having localized brand names and case studies helps them convince their potential clients that Drupal is a viable option for them.

The Story We Are Telling

The story that the pages tell to visitors is:

  1. Drupal is the open source CMS of choice for this industry. Just look at the strong adoption rate, industry brand names, and their success stories.

  2. Build amazing Drupal solutions to solve problems related to your industry.

  3. Solutions are made up of Drupal and third party software and hosting solutions. Plus, you can use industry-specific distributions to accelerate your build.

  4. Because of Drupal’s extensibility and our robust ecosystem of third-party technology integrations, modules, Drupal hosting, and distributions, you can tailor a solution to solve your unique problems or create new opportunities. Check out some featured industry-specific vendors.

  5. Read case studies to learn how big names in your industry achieved business gains with a Drupal solution.

  6. These solutions were built by people at well-respected Drupal agencies who are top contributors to Drupal.

  7. If you want to talk to someone about creating a Drupal solution, fill out the form and all three will contact you.

  8. Want to meet your peers? Attend the industry summit at DrupalCon Baltimore.

For the Americas region we have secured partners for Drupal evaluators to reach out to discuss their industry needs. However, we have not yet secured agency and vendor sponsors for these pages. It takes a lot of work to line up those relationships and tee-up the content and we wanted to launch sooner than later so we could start learning how to optimize the pages. So for now, we've selected initial case study content for these regions, and we are promoting a link to the marketplace to show agencies who have industry experience in these regions. Over time, we will open up the opportunity for agencies to sponsor the pages similar to our approach in the Americas region.

Thank you to our sponsors

Contribution comes in three forms: Time, Talent, and Treasure. Many people shared their time and talent to help us create these pages for the community. We could not have built something of value without them. And, there were several companies who contributed treasure as well by investing financially to sponsor these pages. Those companies are: Acquia, Ashday, Blackmesh, Digital Echidna, FFW, Forum One, ImageX Media, Kwall, Lingotek, Lullabot,, Pantheon, and Phase2.

Because the industry pages give premier visibility and sponsorship is so limited, we wanted to be as fair as possible when opening up this sponsorship opportunity. As we say amongst staff, we want to “sell with a soul”. We decided to only sell these sponsorship opportunities to those who are top contributors. We looked at companies’ code contribution levels and how long they supported the Drupal Association financially and came up with an internal ranking system. Only those above a certain threshold were invited to sponsor.

This means that not only are these sponsors contributing time, talent, and treasure to this specific initiative, but they are long time contributors to the Project, helping Drupal thrive over time. It’s important to the Association that we highlight and reward good Drupal citizenship. When good Drupal citizens are doing well, we all do well. When successful, businesses can hire more Drupal talent and sponsor their contributions back to the Project. They can fund more camps and DrupalCon so we can unite and accelerate the Project in person, and they can fund hosting and engineers so the community can build the Project together online. We are thankful for our sponsors' generous giving and proud to work with them on this initiative.

We've created value together

We see this initiative as a great demonstration of serving our mission - “to unite the community to help them build and promote the software”. We united members from all facets of the community: end-users, service providers, and the community at large. The pages promote the software by showing that Drupal is a winning choice for evaluators in these key industries.

This project is a reflection of Drupal’s amazing spirit and culture of respecting diverse opinions, collaboration, and striving to do the best. Thank you to everyone involved in this project for working so well together, listening to each other’s different ideas, and finding ways to incorporate them so together we can build something amazing.


kreynen’s picture

Allowing paid placement of vaporware distributions like is very frustrating.  The higher ed page is only showcasing how the DA prioritizes vendors needs over the community's needs.

kscheirer’s picture

I don't know anything about openedu, can you explain why it's vaporware? Also, the article doesn't mention anything about paid placement, is that how this distribution was selected as the "Featured Distribution" ?

kreynen’s picture

ImageX Media presented about their "distribution" for years before ever sharing any code on  When they finally did attempt to share the code, they did about everything wrong  After that commit, they stopped maintaining the project openly.  The distribution download for OpenEDU is still using version 7.43 of core so that installing that distribution would comprimise any server it was intalled on when it was installed with no option to update it using a normal process.

So yes, beyond marketing OpenEDU is vaporware.  It does not exist as a distribution anyone should/could use.

hestenet’s picture

@Kreyen you are absolutely correct that the Drupal 7 version(or really any version) should not be promoted with a known vulnerability. ImageX agrees and is fixing this issue as we speak. 

We've pulled that promotion from the page for now while this is being resolved. Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention.

To your larger point about whether content can be both sponsored and *also* serve the community, I'm afraid we may have to agree to disagree on this point. We fundamentally believe that content that is truly valuable to the community can also be sponsored - and those opportunities help us serve both the mission of the association and our financial stability. 

That said, as Megan outlined in the blog above this initiative is not just a pay-to-play scenario. The sponsorship opportunities were offered to partners who are also known as contributors. And we did in fact have to pass over some potential partners because we did not feel they had the right content to promote. 

All that is to say that - we're community members first and our goal is for this initiative to have integrity. We appreciate your patience and empathy where we stumble or where we irreconcilably disagree. 

Tim L
Drupal Association - Director, Engineering

rogical’s picture shows FFW is the only connect, does it mean DA supports FFW to be only one? or it's a paid placement.

Drupal Architect

yngvewb’s picture

I don't understand why FFW is the only vendor listed in Media and publishing site. How did they get there and how could other vendors working in the industry get listed? 

daniellelyrette’s picture

Agreed. Further information about how to be featured is not easily found. Could someone please advise how this process is handled?

Thanks! :)

TheodorosPloumis’s picture

More importantly, these pages are a resource that Drupal businesses can point to as they convince potential clients that Drupal is the right choice for them.

I though these pages would not include any advertisement and promotion. On the contrary I see web forms to sponsors and featured companies.

But just a moment, we are talking about open source distributions right, that were made by so many people... I saw the words "Flexible, Scalable and Secure" being emphasized but not the word "Free".  

This is at least unfair for the collaboration work we do on D.O. all these years. It seems like a peculation to me.

For example for the Gov page, why not show a random list of the companies listed here:

------------------------ - Freelance Drupal developer.

Balu Ertl’s picture

You made me feel proud since scrolling through those nice pages. Thank you for all contributors and congratulations! :)

btriest’s picture

First of all i want to congratulate the Drupal Association with the pages they´ve created. It show´s in one view all the relevant facts. Very well done! I think that it makes sense to put those pages on as well!

Maybe it could serve or be a start of a "starterkit" for agencies and developers as well.  Log in, create pdf from profile (old fashioned but hey it works still :)) or create a digital form to embed (spread the word idea)

What do you think?

Deg’s picture

Looks great! It should make Drupal much easier to pitch to these industries. 

I was going to ask "Why aren't these pages featured on the home page?", until I realized I scrolled past the row a few times. Perhaps part of that section should be our green "actionable" link color or some other affordance to show them as clickable? The grey icons blend in as body content that I unintentionally skimmed right past.