DrupalCon Vienna T-shirts

Remember how we are making changes to DrupalCon Europe? These were hard decisions and some things we love we found just weren’t financially viable. Like free t-shirts. But one thing we heard a lot was “please don’t take away the t-shirts!”  

We heard you. And while it doesn’t make financial sense to give free t-shirts to all attendees, we still want to be able to continue to offer them. So we’ve come up with a plan.   

At DrupalCon Vienna, t-shirts will be offered to the following groups:

  • Individual Drupal Association members who register for DrupalCon Vienna between 5 - 16 June 2017. You must register in this two week window AND be an individual member of the Drupal Association.

  • Volunteers who work at least four (4) hours onsite in Vienna 26 - 29 September. You must check the volunteer box during registration and must show up on site to volunteer for four (4) hours or until released by event staff.

  • Volunteers as part of the DrupalCon Program Team

  • Sprint Mentors

The fine print FAQ

I’m already a member, how do I make sure that I'll get a shirt?

If you are already an individual member, you get a t-shirt! BUT you MUST register in the first two weeks of ticket sales. Registrations after 16 June will not receive a t-shirt, member or not.

I’m not a member, can I do that during registration and still get a shirt?

Yes. If you are not a member you can become an individual member during your conference registration. You will be presented with a page during check-out that gives you the option to become a member.

I already registered but JUST saw this post! What do I do?

If you are a true early bird and register in the two weeks, but somehow missed this news post until after registering - that’s ok. As long as you become a member before the end of 16 June and you’ll still get a t-shirt.

The registration didn’t say anything about t-shirts or ask for my t-shirt size? What’s up?

After the 16 June cut-off date, eligible registrants will receive an email confirming their t-shirt along with a link to select their t-shirt size.

You got a session selected? Great!

We’ll refund your registration amount (but not your membership) and you get to keep the t-shirt. Our regular no-refund policy applies to all other sales.

You’re part of an organization that is buying a bulk amount of tickets for employees? Lucky you.

Your organization should provide you with an individual redemption code. You’ll need to redeem your individual registration before 16 June AND also be an individual member of the Drupal Association in order to get a t-shirt.


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there will be no tshirt for sale?

bert boerland

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T- shirts for sale would be great idea for those who can't make it.

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From where I can buy this ? Please give me link. I love it

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From where i can see the pics?

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How can i registed conference registration? I click on banner Register now and it lead me to a 404 error

Im from Samurai

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I am not sure why you received that error, however the registration is working. You can access it directly through: events.drupal.org/vienna2017/registration 

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Is this valid for One-Day pass also? :)

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T-shirts are only for full conference passes. But if you want to volunteer for 4 hours on that 1-day, or be a Sprint Mentor on Friday, you will receive a t-shirt. 

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Must remember my travel-iron …

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Any news if it will be possible to just buy the T-shirt?

No free give-away is fine, but I think a lot of people would have no problem buying it. You could make people pay for it in advance, so you don't produce more shirts than would be sold.

Or is it already possible to buy a shirt on-site?

If you went to a Drupalcon and you didn't get a Drupalcon-T, did the Drupalcon really happen?

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I am late.