This past September we gathered together in Vienna, Austria to talk all things Drupal. Over 1,600 of us came together to watch keynotes, present sessions, have impromptu conversations in the hallway, and sprint.

One of the hot topics on site was the future of DrupalCon in Europe. The community has rallied around facilitating a large Drupal event in 2018. The Drupal Association continues to focus on 2019 and beyond, and recently posted a call for proposals for licensing DrupalCon in Europe. You can read more about that in Megan's blog post.

We made some changes to the DrupalCon event format for DrupalCon Vienna, in an effort to improve its financial sustainability. While some of these changes were controversial in the run-up to the event, once we all arrived in Vienna there were a lot of highlights - meeting Dries, sprints, anything related to migration, and (of course!) the Viennese Ball! To read the full recap of DrupalCon Vienna, check out these slides.

Beyond Vienna, we have heard requests for previous years' slides. While we're working on a place to archive them on the website - for quick reference, here are the past couple years' presentations:

See you in Nashville!