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Anonymous’s picture

Good evening.
I am in Brazil, translating the core, which today has less than 50% translated to pt-br. I am in advanced stage in translating the over 4400 remaining textures.
In addition to Drupal, I am part of the Prestashop community, of which I participated in an event in Rio de Janeiro, free, in February.

I was very confused and frustrated to receive email from the Drupal community announcing the event in Baltimore USA with a price of $ 550.

I always thought that the intention was to promote the platform and how to do it, it would be free, as Prestashop does with its e-commerce platform.

I begin to rethink if I should even do the whole translation and have it available for free to the community. Will it be deserved?

Best regards

Marcos Moraes
Web developer

hestenet’s picture

Thanks for the feedback Marcos - we can understand how this might be concerning to you. Different open source projects have different models for funding the infrastructure that supports the project. DrupalCon North America revenues are a key part of funding's infrastructure and funding community programs, such as our fiscal sponsorship of Drupal camps. The Drupal software is open-source and free, and will remain so!  But we do need to fund our other community programs and infrastructure through this event's ticket sales and sponsorships. I hope that makes it a bit more clear why this event costs what it does. Please also note though - we do make grants and scholarships available as well.

Tim L
Drupal Association - Director, Engineering