2017 Election Results

The staff and board of the Drupal Association would like to congratulate our newest board member:

Ryan Szrama.

Thank you, Ryan, for stepping forward to serve the Drupal community. On behalf of the community I also want to thank the 13 candidates who put themselves out there in service of Drupal and nominated themselves. We are grateful that our community has so many brave and generous people willing to contribute this way.

Ryan's election to the board represents the sixth year of elections to a community-at-large seat on the Drupal Association board. Each year we've focused on improving the elections process, and this year was no different. We focused on two goals: 

  1. Improve the user experience of participating in the elections process. 
    • We added more in-line help materials throughout the elections process.
      • For candidates, we added information about the responsibilities of a board member to the nomination form, as well as a video message from the Executive Director.
      • For voters we improved the elections navigation, and provided more educational materials about the IRV voting process.
    • We implemented a drag and drop ballot, to make it easier for voters to rank candidates. 
  2. Make it easier to get to know the candidates.
    • We updated the candidate profile form, to ask more detailed questions to help voters get to know the candidates. 
    • Based on feedback from previous years, we eliminated the three virtual meet-the-candidates sessions, in favor of giving each candidate the option to post a statement-of-candidacy video.  In conjunction with the question and answer section on each candidate profile, we felt this gave the electorate the opportunity to get to know their candidates at their own pace and on their own terms. 

Our next steps will be to reach out to the candidates for their evaluation of the elections experience.

We also want to hear from the voters. Please tell us about your experience with the elections process in the comments below. Your feedback is important to us so that we can make the 2018 elections process even better. 

About the Elections Methodology: Instant Run-off Voting(IRV)

Elections for the Community-at-large positions on the Drupal Association board are conducted through Instant Run-off Voting. This means that voters can rank candidates according to their preference. When tabulating ballots, the voters' top-ranked choices are considered first. If no candidate has more than 50% of the vote, the candidate with the lowest votes is eliminated. Then the ballots are tabulated again, with all the ballots that had the eliminated candidate as their first rank now recalculated with their second rank choices. This process is repeated until only two candidates remain and a clear winner can be determined. This voting method helps to ensure that the candidate who is most preferred by the most number of voters is ultimately elected. You can learn more about IRV (also known as Alternative Vote) in this video.

Voting Results

There were 13 candidates in contention for the single vacancy among the two community-at-large seats on the Board. 1,240 voters cast their ballots out of a pool of 94,499 eligible voters (1.3%). Voters ranked an average of 3.6 candidates on their ballots. 

The bar charts below show the vote counts for each candidate in each round.
Place the mouse over a bar to see the number of votes.

  • Yellow — Votes carried over from the previous round.
  • Green — Votes received in this round.
  • Red — Votes transferred away in this round.

A candidate's votes in a round is the sum of the yellow and green bars.
Since the green and red bars represent votes being transferred, the sum of the
green and red bars is the same.

The exhausted bar represents votes where the voter did not indicate a next
preference and thus there were no candidates to transfer the vote to.

Round 1


Count of first choices.

Round 2


Count after eliminating gurubryan and transferring votes.

Round 3


Count after eliminating mehuls and transferring votes.

Round 4


Count after eliminating zet and transferring votes.

Round 5


Count after eliminating Rahul Seth and transferring votes.

Round 6


Count after eliminating redacted and transferring votes.

Round 7


Count after eliminating MatthewS and transferring votes.

Round 8


Count after eliminating Riaan Burger and transferring votes.

Round 9


Count after eliminating johnkennedy and transferring votes.

Round 10


Count after eliminating jackniu and transferring votes.

Round 11


Count after eliminating ok_lyndsey and transferring votes.

Round 12


Count after eliminating Prasad Shir and transferring votes. Candidate rszrama is elected.


Winner is rszrama.


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Congrats, Ryan!

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Thanks, Tormi! : )

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Congrats Ryan! Hope you continue to the good work and contribution to the Drupal Community. 

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Congrats Ryan!

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Congratulations Ryan, The wonderful work continues...

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Congrats Ryan.

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Congratulations :)

Rajab Natshah

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Thanks, Rajab. : )

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congratulations :)    Ryan Szrama !!

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Thanks, Harish! Keep rockin' Drupal. \m/

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Congrats, Ryan!

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Thanks, Mr. Wizard. : D

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Thank you Ryan for offering and standing - Congratulations!

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Thanks, Riaan. I appreciate it. : )

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Couldn't have happened to a better guy. Congrats Ryan. Good luck in your new position.

William O'Connor
Achieve Internet + CTO

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Thanks much, William!

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Your reward for your hard work is more hard work. 

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Hah! Aptly put. Bring it on. : )

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I think the community made an excellent choice. Congrats Ryan.

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Thanks, Hans!

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Congrats Ryan!

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Congratulations, Ryan.

I'm curious about the voter participation and eligibility. It's interesting to me that about 40,000 more people were eligible last year than this year and also 

  • 2017 1,240 voters of 94,499 eligible voters is 1.3% participation
  • 2016  2,126 voters of 135,747 eligible voters 1.56% participation

Does the DA have any thoughts on this change or what it might mean or what to do about it?

CARD.com :)

hestenet’s picture

We do have some preliminary thoughts on this, yes. 

In terms of absolute turn-out:

  • In 2016, the voting for the board election opened almost exactly 1 month after DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai. A DrupalCon in such close proximity to the elections brought a lot more community energy to the election cycle. Related to that, there was a particularly strong response in the electorate from the Asian Drupal community, particularly in India. I think that enthusiasm built on itself and we saw much more active engagement and campaigning from all of our candidates across the board. 

As far as the total number of eligible voters—this is trickier:

  • The criteria for eligibility are a) that the user's account was created before nominations started, and b) that they've logged in at least once in the past year. 

So what might have impacted the number of eligible accounts?

  • One large factor is that we've had a great deal of success preventing duplicate registrations from spam accounts in the past year. While it's still the case that spam gets through, instead of a single bot or human spammer being able to create 100 accounts now they are generally prevented from making more than one.
    • Many fewer accounts created in the past year = many fewer eligible voters on the rolls. 
  • However, we also cannot rule out attrition in engaged users on Drupal.org - though my educated hunch is that attrition was only a minor factor compared to the above. 

In terms of what to do about it - that's something we are definitely thinking about. We already promote elections through a banner on Drupal.org, blog posts, a social media campaign, and promotion to our mailing lists. We'd love to hear some creative ideas on other ways to engage the electorate. 

Tim L
Drupal Association - Director, Engineering

greggles’s picture

Thanks for the feedback, Tim! I hadn't considered the spam-accounts angle, but that makes sense. It seems worth looking into attrition in general by some other metric if possible (e.g. number of people who posted a comment in each year?

I wonder if there's some way to tie the vote to a future DrupalCon or camps or some other global event to increase the likelihood of voter turnout? While doing that, it also seems important to consider the impact of *which* con/camp would impact the vote. That is: it appears that the strong turnout from attendees at DrupalCon Asia helped swing the vote last year toward candidates from India, so tying the vote to DrupalCon North America might be the easiest way to increase turnout but would likely be counter-productive for increasing global diversity on the board.

I wonder if there is a way to tie voting to some kind of nominal benefit that the voter can enjoy for the following year, e.g. $10 off Drupalcon ticket, 1 free post on the jobs board, etc.

CARD.com :)

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Congratulation Ryan

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Congratulations Ryan :)

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Enhorabuena a todos....

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You'll do well :)

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Warm welcome!!

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Congratulations Ryan :)

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Thanks DA for running this election and displaying the results in this way.

Thanks to all the candidates that ran. Takes a real effort.

Congratulations Ryan.

mgifford’s picture

Thanks DA for running this election and displaying the results in this way.

Thanks to all the candidates that ran. Takes a real effort.

Congratulations Ryan.

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You did it :)