The Drupal Hosting Listings at are made up of six paid listing pages: Shared HostingManaged/EnterpriseCloudVPS (Virtual Private Server)Dedicated and Reseller. These Hosting listings provide a great way for HOSTING COMPANIES to reach the Drupal marketplace and advertise your unique offering. The Drupal Community knows that to find the best and most reliable Drupal Hosting Companies, the Hosting Listings at are "the place to go"! 

Additionally, all the funds raised from these listings help the Drupal Association pay for Community Grants, DrupalCon Scholarships and improvements. By using the Hosting Listings, the community knows your company is giving back to and supporting the Drupal project. With your listing, your company is seen as a member of the Drupal community!

Listings on the hosting pages are offered first to Hosting Companies that are members of the Drupal Hosting Supporters Program then, if spots are available, to Hosting companies that support Drupal. 

(Hosting companies seeking a free listing and who contribute to the community can apply for a listing in the separate Marketplace listings.)

Shared Hosting

The Shared Hosting section offers six (6) fixed advertising spots. Each hosting listing spot is sold based upon its position with the top position selling for more than the 6th position. Listings spots on this page require a minimum monthly guarantee plus an affiliate commission once the guarantee is met. The spots on this page are sold as annual contracts. 

To apply, contact

Managed/Enterprise, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated and Reseller

Each of these listing pages have six (6) spots that rotate with each page view - giving all listings an equal chance at the top spot. Listing spots on these pages are a fixed per month fee with a minimum of 3 months for a listing. 

To apply, contact

Ad Specifications

  • All ads are placed on a #f6f6f2 background. Transparent PNGs are recommended instead of a white background. A note about our advertising policy will be placed below or nearby.
  • Ad location: All Hosting listings - Shared, Managed/Enterprise, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated and Reseller
  • Image: max 120 × 120 px, PNG or JPG or animated GIF (not recommended) ; provide alt text and URL link.
  • Headline: Max 50 characters
  • Text: Max 470 characters: <strong>, <em>, <a>, and 2 <br> tags are allowed, and not counted against the max characters. 
  • Lines: A maximum of 7 lines - Heading and body text. A line contains 9-10 words depending on size - 65-70 characters.
  • URL: Provide a URL that is linked to the graphic and header. Can also link to key words in text upon request. NOTE: All of uses HTTPS not HTTP. This can make it difficult, if not impossible, to trace outbound referral traffic from in Google Analytics. Unless you’ve tagged your links with campaign data, you’ll have no way of knowing who comes to your website from Please see this blog for information on how to fix your links.