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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Agile Collective Ltd. is a UK based co-operative company specialising in Drupal and other Open Source technologies, with a base in Oxford and offices in London and Manchester.

We primarily work with organisations working on socially motivated projects, including NGOs, charities, public sector and education sector, as well as other innovative and forward-thinking projects.

Our team comprises highly experienced and innovative designers and developers who are passionate about working with leading web technologies to create visually stunning, high performance websites. We are proponents of best practices in web development and strive to use the most robust methods to accomplish our aims whilst expanding our knowledge and experience of the technologies we use.

In each project we are guided by our principles of co-operation, education and openness - both in terms of who we work with and the processes we use. Our goals are to make a positive impact and build a better web.

We develop primarily with Drupal content management system and are active members of the Drupal community, organising regional events and local meet-ups and contributing wherever we can.

Drupal contributions

Our team is highly engaged within the Drupal community, regularly attending and organising events. We have been part of the organisation of DrupalCamp Oxford 2012, DrupalCamp London 2013 & 2014 and running the monthly Oxford Drupal User Group (OXDUG).

Contributions to core

Two of our team have put time in resulting in small commits to Drupal core, most recently at code sprint in DruaplCon Amsterdam and we continue to encourage our team to stay active in Drupal core issue queue.

Contributions to the project

Our technical lead Tanc maintains a number of contributed modules and is active in issue queues while Finn has provided patches to a number of projects.
Within every project we always strive to contribute as much back as we can and between us all have made many code commits back to the project.

Other contributions to the community

Being part of the Drupal community, and other communities around us is an integral part of the ethos of Agile Collective and you will often find us at Drupal related conferences and in IRC!

Oxford Drupal User Group

The Oxford Drupal User Group was started by Finn Lewis, one of our co-founders, and we are happy to continue to sponsor his time and resources to organise the Oxford Drupal User Group. Find out more at and join us at

Drupal Camps

Agile Collective organised and sponsored the hugely popular Oxford Drupal Education Camp in 2012, with 150 people attending to talk about Drupal with a strong educational bias.
We have also been heavily involved in Drupal Camp London 2012 / 2013 sponsoring social events and Hedley's time to help organise.


We strongly enourage and fund as many of our team as possible to attend the European DrupalCon and the all important code sprints.

Apprenticeship scheme

We are also highly passionate about furthering the education of Drupal and sharing knowledge, having run an Apprenticeship scheme internally and planning an Open Source Drupal curriculum and helping with free learning initiatives (see

Projects supported

Twig Typography, Menu block title, Sharethis block, Leaflet TopoJSON, Leaflet countries, Translation Condition, Responsive and off-canvas menu

Credited on 6 issues fixed in the past 3 months