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Global Training Days - November 2015 Summary

November 20, 2015 at 3:23pm

The final Global Training Days of 2015 took place on November 20th and 21st, right after the Drupal 8 release. While many in the community were finishing their celebrating, the trainers were just getting warmed up to introduce people to the world of Drupal. Thirty-nine sites held a training in 21 countries. This included both training companies and local community groups. We could not be more proud of the global representation for the event and we look forward to more success in 2016 with our quarterly DrupalGTD events.

Thanks to Marina of ADCI we made a video to introduce attendees to the community. Trainers were invited to participate and fun was had by everyone.

As for the spirit of Global Training Days, I think Mauricio of Agaric put it best in this tweet.

Check out the photos and updates at #DrupalGTD on Twitter. The full list of participants is on the 2015 page along with reports from the trainers as they come in.

Learn more about the program at or sign up to provide training at the next event.

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8 Drupal 8 Logo Remixes

November 13, 2015 at 4:40pm
*/ In celebration of the release of Drupal 8, we're showcasing some of the fun that the Drupal community brings with their creative mixes of the Drupal 8 logo. Have one of your own? Share it in the comments.

Pantheon shirt with Drupal 8 logo and cat holding magic wand

Alex Laughnan couldn't love this Pantheon shirt more.

Drupal 8 logo and all the names of contributors in a word cloud

CTI Digital made this thoughtful tribute to the Drupal 8 contributors for DrupalCon Barcelona that had its own remixes (link to geo remixes here)

Badge with chicken wearing Drupal 8 logo and words Get it done #d8chookraffle.

kattekrab put the logo on some chickens for a chook raffle as part of the D8 Accelerate fundraiser.

Chalk drawing of Drupal 8 logo and Drupal wordmark

Last Call Media drew a work of art. (Illustration by Colin Panetta)

Drupal 8 logo in stained glass on window

Drupal Camp Chattanooga was beautifully decorated with Drupal 8 stained glass.

Drupal 8 logo with accessibility icons in the circles of the number 8

OpenConcept celebrates and champions Drupal 8 accessibility improvements.

Blue 8 with red gears inside the holes of the 8

Zivtech added some colorful gears and gave a reminder to prepare for Drupal 8 and port our themes (and modules!)

DrupalCamp Chattanooga camp shirt with 100% progress bar under Drupal 8 logo

Drupal Chattanooga celebrates with this accurate camp shirt. (photo by Doug Vann)


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November 10, 2015 at 12:25am

The Drupal Association mission is to unite the global open source community to build and promote Drupal. One of the most impactful ways to achieve this is through Over the last two years, our Engineering team made great strides making the site’s technical stack more performant and rolling out various new features and improvements, such as contribution credits, new version of testbots, improved registration workflow, and many more. And we are not going to stop. It’s imperative that we give users a faster and easier journey towards adoption, community connection, and contribution.

With a November 19, 2015 release date for Drupal 8 coming soon, it make sense to improve the download experience. This much anticipated release will create a surge of traffic and downloads including many who are new to Drupal and just starting their journey towards adoption and contribution.

Improving the Download Experience

The download experience today is lacking clarity and context. It is focused on providing the file, but it is not clear about what you are downloading, which version is right for the visitor, how to find the release notes, and what to do next. We also have limited data insight into what kind of audience is downloading the software, making it hard to provide the best educational context on the page.

In time for the November 19th Drupal Release date, we will launch the first iteration of the improved download experience. As we learn more, we will continue to improve the experience. For this first iteration, we will improve the content on the page, give visitors more context and clarity, and we will give more weight to the call to action. That’s a strong mission win for the Association.

Helping pay for itself

With this set of improvements we are also creating an opportunity for companies that frequently work with Drupal to highlight how they extend or enhance Drupal. We looked to other open source download experiences for inspiration such as Ubuntu and SensioLabs, who use this funding approach. We also leveraged our learnings from this past year of creating digital opportunities, making sure that our approach aligns with community values. By integrating messages from key partners, we are both creating a way for to help pay for itself as well as providing more context and quality to the download experience. And of course, we’re doing all that guided by our values and policies.

The Importance of Iteration

We’ll be launching our first version of this improved experience in conjunction with the Drupal 8 launch. We want to stress that this in no way represents a “finished” product. We’ll use your feedback and actual user data to inform ongoing improvements. This aligns with how we work n launch a feature, listen and learn from users, then iterate on that feature. We will continue to evaluate this feature to ensure that it meets both community and Association business needs.

Next steps

We are very excited to find ways to both improve the experience and fund the work we are doing there. This first iteration will teach us a lot and we will use this to opportunity to better understand how to serve our visitors. If you want to follow this process and share your experience, follow the related issue.

Flickr photo: mortendk

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What’s new on - October 2015

November 6, 2015 at 10:33pm

Look for links to our Strategic Roadmap highlighting how this work falls into our priorities set by the Drupal Association Board and Working Groups.

Drupal 8 will be released on November 19th!

Drupal 8 is finally on its way and no-one is more excited than we are. The Association plays a critical role in providing the supporting infrastructure and developer tools that make the release of Drupal possible. In September we focused hard on making sure was ready for the Release Candidate, and now we have a final release date for Drupal 8.0.0 of November 19th!

Releasing the next major version of Drupal is no small endeavor. In October we focused hard on ensuring there will be no infrastructure blockers for the release of Drupal 8. We also spent time designing the release page and improvements to the download experience which we will implement before release day.

What better reason than the release of Drupal 8 to celebrate? We've added a category for Drupal 8 release parties to - so please post your events there, or look there for one to attend!

Drupal Association Membership Campaign

With the imminent launch of Drupal 8, now is a better time than ever to become a member of the Drupal Association. In mid-October we launched a membership campaign with the goal of adding an additional 1,000 members to our current base of 3,200 and raising an additional $100,000.

To support this campaign we placed a banner on asking for your support, and asking existing members to share the campaign. The campaign will end on December 30th, and with your help we can sustainably fund ongoing improvements to like the ones you see here every month.

The Roadmap

Content Strategy

Documentation Section

Overhauling documentation on continues to be a top priority coming out of our Content Strategy work. As we continue to build out the features that will be the building blocks of the new Sections on, we want to gather feedback about how our existing users are using the Documentation pages and what improvements are needed.

We've added a survey in the lower right hand corner of every documentation page so that users can provide that feedback before our next round of implementation work.

About - Breadcrumbs in Beta

We're also prototyping some of the new features that will be part of the toolbox for Sections on A small feature, but a welcome improvement, is the addition of breadcrumb navigation in the new Section content types. Right now you can see a beta of this in the About section.

Search Improvements

In October we continued our efforts to improve the utility of search on Just in time for the release of Drupal 8, developers can now search for api functions through the search box and receive results from


In October we enabled DrupalCI testing for Drupal 7 and Drupal 6. We are now in the process of validating that testing for these legacy versions is functioning correctly before disabling legacy testbots and statically archiving Drupal 8 testing on the legacy system has already been disabled.

We are also focusing on tuning DrupalCI to economize the testing process. Each Drupal 8 core test job runs over 12,000 tests containing approximately 100,000 code assertions. From September to October we have reduced the average time to complete a core test from 40 minutes to 30 minutes and the average cost of a full test job from $0.37 to $0.24. However, with around 12,000 test jobs run in the past month alone (that's 14,400,000,000,000 assertions!) we will continue to look for ways to manage this expense while providing a better, faster testing service for Drupal code.

Spam Fighting

can of spamFrom Wikimedia Commons
by user Qwertyxp2000

The announcement of Drupal 8's release candidate lead to a surge in spam activities on, and the Drupal Association pivoted to respond, both by fighting the spam directly and by developing new tools for reporting, blocking, and preventing spam for ourselves and the community volunteers who help to fight spam on every day. We made the following changes:

  • We upgraded Flag module to version 3.
  • Our report spam links on now use Flag.
  • We built new views for spam fighters to manage content reported as spam.
  • We increased our rate limiting to prevent bulk submissions.
  • We removed automatic granting of higher user roles - there are now enough Community level users on to confirm new users manually.
  • We eliminated spam targets by fixing content filtering to rel="nofollow" user submitted links in more places.

Going into November we are hoping to implement some new tools from our Technology Supporter Distil Networks to help prevent spam registrations before they occur.

Revenue Related Projects (Funding our work)

Beyond the membership campaign we're continuing our regular work on upcoming DrupalCons. Registration for DrupalCon Asia—the FIRST DrupalCon after the release of Drupal 8!—will open soon. We're very excited to celebrate Drupal 8's release with the local community in Mumbai and with the wider community in Asia.

Design work for DrupalCon Dublin is ongoing in anticipation of the full site launch. In consultation with the local community we have some great design concepts that will really tell the story of Drupal in Dublin. We think you'll really enjoy it!

Sustaining support and maintenance

Faster Development Environments

Deploying a hosted development environment for contributing to is one of the critical services provided by the Drupal Association. These environments are used both by our internal staff and by community volunteers who are creating features for As recently as a year ago it has taken up to 3 hours to spin up a new development environment. As recently as September it took around an hour and twenty minutes.

By providing our sanitized nightly snapshot of the database as a docker container we're now able to provide new development environments for in approximately 10 minutes. Even in a short time this has improved our feature development velocity.

Upgrades and Improvements

In addition to improving our development environments, we've focused on upgrading our the operating system on many of our servers to CentOS 6.7, and making sure that our Solr infrastructure is highly-available.


As always, we'd like to say thanks to all volunteers who are working with us and to the Drupal Association Supporters, who made it possible for us to work on these projects.

Follow us on Twitter for regular updates: @drupal_org, @drupal_infra

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Why is Module X slow? Or is it really module Y? Debugging performance at scale

November 5, 2015 at 11:48pm

Its an exciting time to be working on! Content strategy is being implemented, and thus we've been evaluating and implementing modules, including:

  • Organic Groups
  • Panels
  • Page Manager
  • Panelizer
  • Flag 3.x (already implemented for spam)

There are numerous reasons why we're looking at using these modules, but one of them is because we're able to see them in action on Panelizer was being called out as one of the least performant of these modules. This was due to a slow query that was observed at Drupalcon Barcelona:

SELECT * FROM {panelizer_entity} WHERE entity_type = :entity_type AND entity_id IN (:ids)

For each entity that gets loaded, panelizer needs to grab the associated panelizer_entity ID and load it up for preperation to view. While this isn't a problem for a few nodes, it doesn't scale when you're querying 100s or thousands of them:

2015.09.23.mysql-slow.gz:2015-09-23T09:41:14.147976+00:00 db5 mysql-slow: EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM panelizer_entity WHERE entity_type = 'node' AND entity_id IN ('171', '177', '179', '181', '183', '185', '189', '193', '199', '201', '209', '211', '213', '215', '217', '219', '221', '225', '227', '229', '233', '235', '239', '243', '245', '247', '249', '251', '253', '255', '277', '279', '281', '287', '289', '291', '293', '295', '297', '301', '303', '305', '307', '309', '311', '313', '317', '319', '321', '323', '325', '327', '335', '337', '343', '347', '349', '351', '353', '359', '363', '367', '381', '385', '389', '391', '397', '399', '403', '405', '407', '409', '411', '413', '415', '417', '419', '421', '423', '427', '429', '431', '433', '435', '437', '439', '441', '443', '449', '451', '453', '455', '459', '461', '463', '465', '467', '469', '471', '473', '475', '477', '479', '481', '483', '485', '489', '495', '497', '499', '501', '503', '505', '507', '509', '511', '513', '515', '517', '519', '521', '523', '525', '527', '529', '531', '533', '535', '537', '539', '541', '543', '545', '547', '549', '551', '553', '555', '557', '559', '561', '563', '565', '567', '569', '571', '573', '575', '577', '579', '583', '585', '589', '591', '593', '595', '597', '599', '601', '603', '605', '607', '609', '611', '613', '615', '617', '619', '623', '631', '633', '635', '637', '639', '641', '643', '645', '647', '649', '651', '653', '655', '657', '659', '661', '663', '665', '667', '669', '671', '673', '675', '677', '679', '681', '683', '685', '687', '689', '691', '693', '695', '697', '699', '701', '705', '707', '709', '711', '713', '715', '717', '719', '721', '723', '725', '727', '729', '731', '733', '735', '737', '739', '741', '743', '745', '747', '749', '751', '753', '755', '757', '759', '761', '763', '765', '767', '769', '771', '773', '775', '777', '779', '781', '783', '785', '787', '789', '791', '793', '795', '797', '799', '801', '803', '805', '807', '809', '811', '813', '815', '817', '819', '821', '823', '825', '827', '829', '831', '833', '835', '837', '839',

Additionally, there is this issue: -- this discusses the potential issues around loading the panelizer settings and some solutions, including adding a lazy loader to get the entity but not load up all the settings until say, view time.

It is apparent that we have an issue on our hand. But was it panelizer?

First -- I would suggest watching Ezra Gildesgame's talk on XHprof. It will give you some ideas about how to troubleshoot performance issues.

Secondly, I'd suggest getting a monitoring tool to average your performance over time. This is also possible to do with XHprof, but thats for another post.

At the Association, we use New Relic for server monitoring. While the full version can give you some really detailed results, our version gives us an overview. Here is a snapshot of what was happening when panelizer was being suspected as slow:

When we take a look at the modules that are being executed, it gives us a little more information about what modules are going slow:


If you don't have New Relic, you can still get this data by setting up XHprof and going to the affected page. It should give you similar results. One nice feature of New Relic is that it gives you XHprof (ish) results for past performance problems. Unless you're profiling every page (which is not recommended for production), you won't have a snapshot result of what happened when the site was going slow.

Looking at the New Relic logs and the query, we know three things:

  1. This issue is happening on node_add
  2. This issue is affecting nodes that are related to sessions only. (If you pop in those node ids in the query to
  3. Entityreference module load time correlates to the database slow query time.

So what things could cause multiple session nodes to occur?

  • View of many nodes, like a schedule
  • field or panel on a node/add page that is making a query of entities
  • Session counts (although that would be quite unperformant, loading a node just to get its count.. but I've seen worse things happen)
  • an entity reference field

By looking at the New Relic logs, there isn't any reference to the view module causing a problem. This is also during node_add, which doesn't call any views. While cod_sponsors or products might be an (separate) issue, they their peak loads are not occuring at the same time as the db query. That leaves us with entity reference. This hits as the top module at the same time as the panelizer query is being executed.

What node/add pages are using entity reference for sessions?

Only one. Session Evaluations.

Here we are using entityreference prepopulate, which shows the session thats being evaluated. But, there is a problem with this...

So there is the issue. Why didn't this occur in LA? because there were half as many sessions. Its also why we never saw it in any previous drupalcon, because the sites were singular so performance issues like this wouldn't ever have enough content to show its face.

Conclusion / Take aways

  • While there might be some architecture tweaks that could be done to Panelizer, it was not the key issue. 
  • The issue is the combination of modules, exasperated by the amount of content. Entityreference + Entityreference Prepopulate (Disabled select field) + Panelizer + Two cons worth of content = Problem.
  • Don't assume a module is slow or unperformant from a single query.
  • When an issue is found, don't guess, investigate.
  • XHProf and New Relic are essential for large drupal sites.

A simple tweak to the entity reference field has fixed the problem for now. Before the next con, we'll implement some better methods of showing the title so this doesn't occur again. In fact there is already an issue for it.

Of course, this is just one potential issue - but this method demonstrates that a monitoring tool like New Relic plus performance profiling tools like XHProf can allow you to find unexpected interactions between modules that may result in performance problems at scale. Luckily, our fixes translate into fixes for the whole community. This means not only a better, but a better Drupal product.

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Get Ready to Translate for Drupal 8

November 5, 2015 at 3:06am

Did you hear the news? Drupal 8.0.0's release date will be November 19, 2015.

Translations needed for the Drupal 8 release

We’re excited to see Drupal 8 out in the world, but that also means there is not a lot of time left to get ready to share it with the world! We are working on both the release announcement and the press release in English. We are looking for volunteers to help translate it to your language. The final translations will be posted on at the time of release.

One of the hallmarks of our community is the hard work we put into making sure that everyone around the globe has access to Drupal in their own language. Since we're focused on translation leading up to the D8 release, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the work of our Friends at the French Drupal Association. To celebrate RC1, they translated some key pages in French:

To these amazing volunteers, we say Merci Beaucoup. Thanks for leading the way for a truly global release of Drupal.

Want to help in other ways? Here’s how:

If you can help promote the release on Twitter in your respective time zone, Paul Johnson is looking for you. We also suggest you follow @celebr8d8.

We also need you to throw a party! Organize a local meetup on the week (or even better the exact date) with sweets, sessions, shirts, stickers or whatever fits to spice it up. Make sure to tweet about your party with the #celebr8d8 hashtag and let the community know, so it shows up on our world map on

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Drupal 8 Release Planned for November 19

October 30, 2015 at 6:09pm

Drupal 8 logoWe’ve come a long way since the community started building Drupal 8 in 2011 and today we’re thrilled to say that we have an official release date!

On, the Drupal 8 Core maintainers wrote, "Based on our experience with our successful release candidates, we are confident to announce that Drupal 8.0.0 will be released on November 19, 2015!” Congratulations to the Core team and to everyone who worked hard to make Drupal 8 a reality.

If you want to get involved in making the Drupal 8 release an amazing experience for everyone around the world, there are numerous different ways to contribute. Just a few include:

Many thanks to all of the amazing community members who have worked tirelessly to make Drupal 8 a reality. Whether you're one of the thousands of contributors who submitted code, a multilingual genius working on translation, or one of the many companies and individuals who made financial contributions to the Drupal 8 Accelerate fundraiser, we wanted to say: THANK YOU! We couldn't have done this without you!

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A Warm Introduction to the Drupal Community

October 28, 2015 at 4:18pm

Picture of Nicolas and Sebastien at DrupalCon BarcelonaThe Drupal Community is an incredibly friendly, welcoming place. For proof, look no further than Sébastien Toullec, a man who came to DrupalCon Barcelona as a true beginner with web technology, and has come away excited and passionate about Drupal.

Sébastien was introduced to the community by his friend, Nicolas Bouteille, who has been working with Drupal since 2010. The two met when Sébastien had fallen on hard times and Nicolas, seeing a kindred spirit in Sébastien, took him under his wing. Nicolas thought Sébastien would feel welcomed and inspired by the Drupal community, and he figured there was no better way to introduce him to Drupal than at DrupalCon!

A few weeks before the convention, Nicolas reached out to the Drupal Association. He shared Sébastien’s story, and asked if we would be willing to provide a ticket for Sébastien to participate in the morning keynotes and to access some of the working areas so that he might work on increasing his Drupal knowledge. We were happy to comply, and received a glowing email from Nicolas and Sébastien after the convention. Here’s what Sébastien had to say:

"Hola Drupalistas!!!!

It's now one month since I was introduced to the Drupal community, and after attending DrupalCon 2015 in Barcelona I want to tell you about my feelings. First, I want to thank Nicolas Boutielle and the Drupal Association for introducing me to such a great community.

Not a long time ago I was homeless, totally lost on the bad habits of the street. Now that I know the community and the power of Drupal, I have a goal in my life. Of course, it's making money... but also, when I become a genius geek (if it ever happens), I look forward to taking part in the Drupal project. The way you are all sharing information and experiences, and the way you help other people makes me think about a family. I feel like I saw a big one in Barcelona!

So, keep on behaving this way. I’d like to send special greetings to Mike Bell (keep on fighting man), and I am excited to see you in Dublin next year, maybe for my first sprint!! Can't wait to be there.

Thanks again from a Drupal beginner.


"Sébastien really had the experience I was wishing he would have, and I had an awesome week as well,” Nicolas told us by email. “He can now create taxonomies, content types with term reference fields, and views with exposed filters. He really struggled to work this all out, and actually got confused several times before he could get there... but I was so happy to see the light in his eyes the first time he got the term reference field to suggest all his terms at content creation."

Thank you to everyone in the community who helped make Sébastien’s introduction to Drupal so bright. If you want to help Sébastien out by mentoring him on various aspects of Drupal, you can find his user page at

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Cathy Theys: Innaugural Aaron Winborn Award Winner

October 20, 2015 at 5:10pm

Earlier this year the Drupal community lost one of our most porlific community members, Aaron Winborn. In addition to the code that Aaron contributed, he was a friend to everyone he met in the Drupal community. Aaron was the epitome of our unoffical motto: "Come for the code, stay for the community." To honor Aaron's memory, the Community Working Group, with the support of the Drupal Association, established the Aaron Winborn Award, to be given annually.

The Community Working Group accepted nominations over the spring and summer, with community members nominating dozens of their colleagues who represent the integrity, kindness and commitment to the Drupal community that Aaron did. From these nominations, the Community Working Group members and Hans Riemenschneider (who originated the idea) selected our innaugural winner: Cathy Theys

It's hard to imagine that there is anyone in the community who has not crossed paths with Cathy. She has been a champion for new contributors for as long as I have been part of Drupal, hosting office hours in IRC and helping to coordinate mentors at every DrupalCon sprint and beyond. She has personally sat by my side and used the socratic method to talk me through Git commands. She is a model of generosity and curiosity, and is a tremendous asset to the Drupal Community.

Cathy's reward is a scholarship and stipend to attend DrupalCon next year, as well as a very lovely Drupal trophy. We got the the chance to celebrate Cathy's award on stage at DrupalCon Barcelona, but I hope you will join me in congratulating her again now.

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FFW Signs On as Signature Supporting Partner

October 13, 2015 at 8:10pm

FFW LogoWe couldn’t be more pleased to announce that our friends over at FFW have signed on to be Signature Supporting Partners, the highest level of partnership currently available with the Drupal Association. They’re our first North American company to sign on for the package, and we’re incredibly happy that they’re on board.

"The best part of Drupal is that we get to work with so many great people. Our friends at FFW are exactly that, and I am thrilled to celebrate their support for Drupal and the Association,” said Holly Ross, the Drupal Association’s Executive Director.

FFW is a digital agency specializing in data-driven Drupal solutions. "We believe it’s important to give back to the Drupal community because Drupal offers us amazing opportunities to deliver quality solutions to our clients,” said FFW Global CEO Michael Drejer.

FFW’s Signature Supporting Partnership is hugely beneficial not only to the Drupal Association, but to the Drupal community as a whole: by supporting the Drupal Association, FFW is helping fund the maintenance and continual improvement of, and is supporting the community by funding important community initiatives like Community Cultivation Grants, Global Training Days, and more.

What is the Supporting Partner Program?

Signature supporting partner badgeThe Supporting Partner Program includes more than 60 companies from around the world. Partners enjoy enhanced promotional services from the Drupal Association, such as brand visibility on, select access at premier events like DrupalCon, and increased publicity via various online social platforms. For their elevated contributions to the program, Signature Partners will receive upgraded promotional services.

To join FFW as one of the Drupal Association's contributing partners, start by learning more about the Supporting Partner Program.

And to join us in thanking FFW for its partnership, we encourage you to send this pre-populated tweet, or to say thanks in the comments of their blog post.

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Our 2015 Membership Drive is Live

October 12, 2015 at 1:33am

On October 13th we launched our 2015 membership drive campaign. The campaign includes a banner on that provides more visibility for our membership program. The banner displays a message that is relevant to your Individual Membership status.1 For members, we invite you to help us grow membership and for all who are not currently an Individual Member, we invite you to support the project you love through by joining the Association.

We are running this campaign to raise awareness of the Drupal Association so that we can continue to help keep the community healthy and keep up and running. We have some big goals:

  • $100,000 in revenue
  • 1,000 new/renewed members

You can help us to make more stories possible for grant and scholar recipients by making sure your membership is current with your badge on your profile and by sharing this campaign with your friends. Thank you for all your help and for supporting Drupal.

  1. We appreciate our Organization Members too. But because of the way our membership data is structured, the banners aren’t affected by Organization Member status.
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DrupalCon North America RFP is Open!

October 9, 2015 at 7:13pm

North America at NightWe are thrilled to announce that we have opened the RFP process and are accepting bids for the 2017 North American DrupalCon, and beyond.

DrupalCon is a pretty special event, it brings together thousands of people from across the globe who use, develop, design, and support the Drupal platform. It is easily the most widely attended Drupal event in the world.

If you are eager for your city to host a DrupalCon we recommend you send this link to your city's Convention Center or Tourism Bureau. We have begun outreach to cities that our DrupalCon team, and the community, has identified as a good fit. That said, we are always welcome to suggestions.

If you are a convention center or tourism bureau and have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

We appreciate your interest in DrupalCon and can't wait to tell you where the next Con will be!

North America image by Eric Fischer on flickr.

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Drupal 8 release candidate: available now

October 7, 2015 at 7:52pm

Drupal 8 is now available as a release candidate (RC). An RC is like a sneak preview you can use. It's not a final release—that’s coming soon, and there may be another release candidate before then. But its code and interface should feel stable now. You can install it, start designing for it, create and build with it, and extend and improve it. That means you can start putting Drupal 8's more than 200 new features and improvements to work today.

Get Drupal 8 RC1

A first look at Drupal 8's features

With Drupal 8, the world's best content management framework just got better. Every built-in theme is responsive. Every single component is translatable out of the box. More elements have configurable fields and there are new field types for better content modeling.

It’s built people-first. The authoring experience is better, with features like in-context editing and enhanced previews. It's easier to add people-friendly meaning via native markup. There's extensive support for accessibility standards.

Drupal 8 also has all the geekery you can Git. All-new configuration management (full exports, easier transitions between environments) means safer, faster site development and maintenance. REST-first native web services enable 3rd-party integrations. And adding Twig is the most complete transformation of Drupal theming in a decade. It allows friendlier syntax, better security, and a separate presentation layer.

Organizations are using Drupal 8 now

There are thousands of Drupal 8 installations already up and running. Goal Gorilla, Amazee Labs, Gravity R&D, and DrupalNorth joined as some of the earliest Drupal 8 adopters. France Télévisions, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and CH2M have chosen Drupal 8 too. The list of sites built with Drupal 8 is growing and growing.

Companies and organizations around the world rely on Drupal 8 right now. Your organization could be next. Have questions before getting started? Check out answers to some frequently asked ones, and read the RC’s release notes.

Feedback welcome

Sharing feedback is important. It's part of the open source spirit. It's what pushes the Drupal community forward. And it's what will get Drupal 8 from RC to a full version release. If you find bugs while using this RC, let the community know.

To join the social conversations about this RC, use #drupal8rc. To mention and find conversations about work already made with Drupal 8, use #madewithd8.

A great big thank you

This RC wouldn't have been possible without our community. Its contributions, its diligence, and its patience created something special. To everyone who’s helped and will help, even if you're not in the Drupal 8 hall of fame, thank you.

Drupal 8: make something amazing, for anyone.

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What's new on - September 2015

October 7, 2015 at 5:52pm

Look for links to our Strategic Roadmap highlighting how this work falls into our priorities set by the Drupal Association Board and Working Groups.

DrupalCon Barcelona Recap

DrupalCon Barcelona was an opportunity for Drupal Association staff to meet with members of the community, attend some critical sessions about upcoming development in Core and Contrib, and to present some sessions of our own.


Being able to speak with the community face to face is a tremendously valuable opportunity for us, and helps us to validate our priorities, and keep on top of the changing needs of the community. Barcelona was a great con on both fronts!

The Roadmap

Improved Search on

In August, we upgraded our search infrastructure, identified criteria for evaluating our search improvements, and created a pre-production search environment to allow us to test our changes to search. By September we were ready to begin deploying changes.

We used a script which evaluates the change in position of results for the key search phrases we are using as exemplars. Then we deployed several changes, primarily to our biases for searches matching path aliases and project machine names. These changes have greatly elevated the desired results for our exemplar phrases in search.

We're pleased with these improvements, and may continue to tune search further, especially as community members provide additional search phrases with unexpected results that we can test against.

Documentation Improvements

One of the larger initiatives for September was to work on improvements to Documentation on This is a clear priority from the community, and also an important part of the work we identified as part of our content strategy.

To implement the requirements of the content strategy we introduced a few new modules to, in particular: organic groups, and panels. These and a few supporting modules have allowed us to create the new Section content type one Sections are groups, which can have their own maintainers and governance structure. Content (including child Sections) will be associated to this new higher level Section content. Panels and some preconfigured layouts will allow us to improve the layout of content on and create a more consistent look and feel.

In September we made the initial deployment of these underlying modules and configuration and we are now beginning to configure our first Section - Documentation. At the same time, we reached out to key members of the documentation community during September, both remotely and at DrupalCon Barcelona, to identify more specific user stories that we will build out as features on this framework.


Our focus for DrupalCI in September was identifying any work that needed to be done to allow us to shut off the old PIFT/PIFR testbots on, and any feature improvements and bug fixes as they were identified. We also wanted to ensure that D8 Core and Contrib developers were comfortable relying on the new system.


During September we made progress on a few fronts. Firstly, users who create tests or project maintainers can subscribe to email notifications about their tests. Secondly, we continued fixing issues on the critical path to allowing us to disable the old testbots. Finally, about a week prior to DrupalCon Barcelona we allowed DrupalCI test results to set issues to needs work, letting Core maintainers accelerate their testing in the ramp up to the Con.

In October we anticipate disabling PIFT/PIFR for Drupal 8 testing entirely, and then phasing it out for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 testing as well, once testing in those environments has been vetted. At that point the old test results will be archived statically. Moving forward DrupalCI development will move more into stable maintenance of the system as a production service, and evaluation of feature requests and contributed community work. needed had only a few key issues to tackle in September - primarily: a server side version fall back system for translations. A related issue allowing us to symlink translations to the ‘latest’ release was completed as well.

The final task for Localize, and one of the infrastructure blockers to an 8.0.0 release, is support for translatables with external dependencies(for contrib). The community has been iterating on patches for this feature, and it should be fixed soon.

Incremental Improvements to

Updating the Marketplace

In order to celebrate the organizations that are supporting the development of Drupal 8, we launched some changes to the marketplace. First, we changed the organization listings themselves, highlighting the people at the organization, the projects supported, the case studies, and the issue credits awarded in the last 90 days.

Finally, instead of sorting the listings alphabetically, we now sort by the listings by issue credits. This highlights the organizations who have been working hard to move the project forward and get Drupal 8 released!

We've received a lot of positive feedback about the Marketplace changes, as well as a large amount of community feedback about additional improvements that could be made, particularly to the sorting algorithm. We'll continue to collect that feedback and iterate on this further.

Revenue Related Projects (Funding our Work)

DrupalCon Dublin

As is tradition, at DrupalCon Barcelona we also launched our next European DrupalCon - DrupalCon Dublin! For this initial announcement we launched the con splash page, but as the event gets closer the full site will go live. The Drupal Association and the local Drupal community in Dublin are very excited to welcome you to this con! Céad Míle Fáilte!




Sustaining support and maintenance

In addition to the infrastructure team's strong focus on DrupalCI and ensuring that the testing infrastructure was stable through DrupalCon Barcelona, the infrastructure team also made a few other changes. First, we evaluated a PHP version upgrade in our pre-production environments, and will deploy to prod in October. Secondly, we took the Solr infrastructure that had been upgraded in August, and set it up for high availability.

The Drupal Association infrastructure team also gave a presentation on the history of's infrastructure. This session provided a retrospective of the architectural decisions for in the past, as well as an opportunity to showcase where the infrastructure is headed and solicit feedback from the community.


As always, we'd like to say thanks to all volunteers who are working with us and to the Drupal Association Supporters, who made it possible for us to work on these projects.

Follow us on Twitter for regular updates: @drupal_org, @drupal_infra

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0 Drupal 8 Critical Bugs? Here's What Comes Next

October 2, 2015 at 6:30pm

Drupal 8 Contributor chartEveryone’s excited for Drupal 8 to come out. Now that we’re flirting with 0 critical bugs, we wanted to give a shout out to everyone who has put their hard work and love into building Drupal 8. We’re almost to the finish line, and everyone deserves hugs and high-fives for all their amazing work.

We’re looking forward to the announcement of a Drupal 8 release candidate as soon as October 7, and we’re working hard to put together materials that everyone can use to shout from the rooftops that Drupal 8 is in its final stage of development. We’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us, but the Drupal Association feels that now is a good time for our community to pause, take a deep breath, give each other pats on the back, and look at what the future holds.

Our communications plan

We’ve fielded a lot of interest in spreading the word about the Drupal 8 release candidate and the eventual release of Drupal 8. We’ve got a plan that we’re excited about, and we’re hoping for help from the community. The more we can all create content about the specific features in Drupal 8, the better! We’d also love to share content made by our community that speaks to different audiences — for example, why Drupal 8 is the best platform for government or university websites. Over the next few weeks, we hope to add our community’s amazing content to the Drupal 8 landing page.

Here are a few other ways you can help:

  • Planning on hosting a release party? Share the details and we'll help spread the word about your event.
  • Are you already building sites with Drupal 8? Share a link in social media and tag it #madewithdrupal8. You can also add it to the list on
  • If you have demos, white papers, blog posts, or some other materials that talk about the virtues of D8, share it on social media and tag it #drupal8rc.

We couldn’t be more excited for Drupal 8. We’re in the last leg now of huge effort and we should all be tremendously proud of ourselves. Big thanks especially to our amazing Core Maintainers and all of our wonderful contributors who have worked hard on the project.

Drupal 8 artwork by Paul Johnson (pdjohnson) and CTI Digital

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Drupal Association Board Meeting: September 23, 2015

September 30, 2015 at 10:44pm

This month, we got to hold our public board meeting, well, in public. Mostly all together in Barcelona, we met in the middle of DrupalCon to share some updates with the board and community. As always, if you want to catch up on all the details, you can find everything you need to know about the meeting online, including minutes, materials, and a video recording. If you're just here for a summary view, read on!

Drupal 8 Accelerate is fully funded

Early in 2015 we set out to do something that we have never done before: raise $250,000 to get the next release of Drupal out the door. I am thrilled to share that we met that goal at DrupalCon Barcelona, with the last donation coming in from Exove just before Dries took the stage for his keynote. Drupal 8 Accelerate allowed the Drupal core maintainers to identify issues that needed immediate attention and pay contributors to make their time available. Additionally, community members were able to propose sprints and other initiatives to help crush D8 release blockers. We've made over 50 grants around the globe through the program, resolving hundreds of issues. We want to thank everyone in the community who donated and helped spread the word about the campaign, including our anchor donors, Acquia, Appnovation,, Phase2, Wunderkraut, PreviousNext, and

D8 release candidate communications plan

We all heard some very exciting news during the Barcelona #Driesnote. Unless we come across any major unexpected hiccups, we'll have a Drupal 8 release candidate ("RC") on October 7. At the Association, we're gearing up to work with the community to shout the RC news, and then the full release news, from the rooftops. We shared the plan at the public board meeting, and are asking the community for help in two specific areas. First, we need your help educating people about Drupal 8 features and how they can be used. We also need your help sharing how Drupal 8 will meet the needs of specific audiences. We'll be updating the Drupal 8 landing page over the next few weeks and want to fill it with all of your great work. Here's the kind of content we're looking for:

Here's how you can share in the D8 release fun:

  • Planning on hosting a release party? Share the details and we'll help spread the word about your event.
  • Are you already building sites with Drupal 8? Share a link in social media and tag it #madewithdrupal8. You can also add it to the list on
  • If you have demos, white papers, blog posts, or some other materials that talk about the virtues of D8, share it on social media and tag it #drupal8rc.
2016 at-large board elections

Every year the Drupal commmunity nominates and elects one individual to serve a 2-year term on the Association board of directors. If you're interested in what the board does and why you might want to consider running, you can check out this blog post and presentation from last year. We'll be holding the next elections in the first three months of 2016, so we took some time in Barcelona to talk about the process. You can review the presentation from the meeting, and here are the key dates for the next election:

  • Nominations (February 1-19, 2016)
  • Meet the candidates (February 22 - March 4, 2016)
    • February 23 session at 7am Pacific
    • February 24 session at noon Pacific
    • February 25 session at 4pm Pacific
  • Voting (March 7-18)
  • Ratification and communication (March 25)
Cake for Angie

We also took a moment to thank long-time board member Angie Byron (webchick) for her service on the board. Angie's term ends in November, and she is stepping down from her board role to focus on making the Drupal 8 release as big as possible. One a personal note, I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Angie so closely for so long. Her ability to be honest and kind at the same time is something that I have tried to learn from every time I interact with her. Thank you Angie for everything I have been able to learn from you.

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What’s new on - August 2015

September 8, 2015 at 5:47pm
What’s new on - August 2015

Look for links to our Strategic Roadmap highlighting how this work falls into our priorities set by the Drupal Association Board and Working Groups.

Preparing for a Release Candidate

After a month of planning and organizational introspection in July, the Association spent August getting down to brass tacks. Since May, progress on Drupal 8 criticals has been rapid and we focused on doing our part to clear blockers for the upcoming Drupal 8 release candidate.

On August 13th, the Drupal Association engineering team met with core maintainers to discuss infrastructure blockers to a Drupal 8 release candidate. Since May, core developers have been rapidly clearing critical issues, and several services are blockers to the release. Fortunately, our meeting with core maintainers confirmed what we knew: DrupalCI and are the two pieces of infrastructure that need work to support Drupal 8 release candidates. We also briefly discussed infrastructural issues to support a full 8.0.0 release as well as the path forward for supporting Composer.

We’re very excited for the upcoming release candidate and hope to celebrate with the community soon!

The Roadmap

Drupal 8 blocker:

In August we completed the migration of to Drupal 7. This was the culmination of a tremendous amount of work by the community over the last year, and quite a bit of work by the Association over the last several months. As always with a major site migration we had to work closely with the active users to ensure there were no functional regressions and do quite a bit of permissions and security review as well as some of the fundamental modules which power the site, such as organic groups, work quite differently in their Drupal 7 implementations.

Completing this upgrade also allowed us to focus on Drupal 8 release blockers in the localization system. First, we need a server side version fall back system for translations. Secondly, we need to support contrib by supporting configuration translatables with external dependencies. We’ve made solid progress on the first issue, but there is still work remaining.

Our initial work on these issues was reviewed towards the end of August, and we hope to have the remaining work completed in the first couple weeks of September.

Many thanks to Gábor Hojtsy for helping us review this final work.

Drupal 8 blocker: Drupal CI

In our last update we laid out two milestones that the Association was pushing hard to reach for DrupalCI: DrupalCI must meet the testing requirements for Drupal 8 Core and contrib specified by core developers. DrupalCI must also meet or exceed the existing functionality of the PIFT/PIFR testbots for testing Drupal 7 and Drupal 6 so that the old testbot system can be retired.

We’re very pleased to report that as of the end of August the DrupalCI meets the testing requirements set out by Drupal core developers. There are no blockers to a Drupal 8 release in the DrupalCI infrastructure!

We’ve also made major progress in several other areas:

  • We made significant strides towards testing for Drupal 7 and Drupal 6. Simpletest jobs for these versions have a very different structure so this required some careful work.
  • We now display test results directly on This new display makes it much easier to see these results, and will also make it easier for us to provide email notifications for test failures.

However, there is still work to do. There is a flaw in test discovery for contrib modules that must be resolved for Drupal 8 contrib testing to be complete (in the first week of September a core patch for was commited thanks to jthorson).

Once contrib testing is stable and functional, our next goal is to begin phasing out the old testing infrastructure. We’ve identified several key issues that will allow us to disable the old testbots in a phased way. Once Drupal 8 core and contrib testing are burned in and core and contrib developers have had time to affirm that the PIFT/PIFR bots are no longer needed for D8 testing, we will phase out PIFT/PIFR’s Drupal 8 testbots. Because Drupal 8 testing represents the majority of testing volume on our infrastructure at this time, being able to disable the redundant bots will provide a significant cost savings for the Association.

We’ll then focus on making sure that Drupal 7 and Drupal 6 testing are equally functional before phasing those bots out as well. Finally we’ll need to transition to a static archive of the past test results.

In the meantime we are still asking project maintainers to enable DrupalCI for their projects and provide us with their feedback in this issue.

Search Improvements

The next item on our roadmap is improving the search experience. To make significant improvements in this area there was some pre-work we needed to do, both in planning and infrastructure. Earlier in the year the Association sat down with a consultant to provide recommendations on ways to improve our Solr configuration. At the same time, there were a number of new features of Solr itself in version 5 that we would not be able to take advantage of with our existing Solr 3 installation.

So we began our pre-work by creating a pre-production environment that would allow us to test our changes to search - evaluating what it would take to reindex with Solr 5 - and ultimately upgrading our production search servers to support Solr 5 and performing that index.

In parallel, we expanded the criteria that we would use to evaluate the success of our search improvements - drafting user stories that concretely define what a better search means for the variety of types of content that a user might be searching for.

Going into September we’ll then be implementing small iterative changes to our Solr configuration to tune our search results to meet these user stories.

Incremental Improvements to

Issue Queues

We’ve also made several incremental improvements to the issue queues during the month of August. We started by making an automatic first comment on issues when the reporter first creates an issue. This will allow the reporter of an issue to be credited by the maintainer when the issue is closed, even if that reporter does not make additional comments on the issue.

As we were making this change we took the opportunity to change a subtle detail about the issue summary. Previously the issue summary was attributed to the initial reporter. However, because issue summaries can be edited by anyone, this attribution was misleading. We have removed this attribution from the summary, and instead added the original reporter attribution to the issue meta data in the sidebar.

There is some follow up work to do to allow the initial reporter to adjust their organization/customer attribution in that automatically generated first comment. We will likely also look into allowing credit attributions for users who did not comment in the issue.

Many thanks to the community members who provided their feedback on these changes as we were making them. Making your voices heard allowed us to improve on these changes even as we were making them.

Performance Profiling for the new Content Model

Another key deployment that is very close for is the first iteration of the new content model. Content Strategy for has been a major initiative for most of the past year, and we have built out the first iteration of that featureset. It should enable a new content organization model on with sections that have individual governance and maintainership, and lay the groundwork for a new navigational paradigm for the site. These changes won’t be immediately apparent in terms of visual changes to, but instead provide structural tools to make it easier to govern and maintain content on the site. This work will be the basis for our improvements to Documentation on

Before making this deployment we wanted to ensure that the new features would be performant. has a tremendous amount of content, is exceptionally highly trafficked, and provides services that are essential for the community to develop Drupal itself. We need to be sure that the new modules and features we deploy will be performant before rolling these new features out. We set up a new integration environment on which we could run some performance profiling tests, and in light of that testing we feel confident we’ll be able to deploy this first iteration very soon.

Revenue-related projects (funding our work)

DrupalCon Asia

August also saw the full site launch of DrupalCon Asia. It’s a beautiful site and we hope you’ll check it out and join us in highlighting the strength of the community in India. This is our third site launch on the unified subsite and the new multi-event system is paying dividends in allowing us to launch these Con sites more quickly, consistently, and on schedule than ever before.

The call for papers is open now - so if you’re going to join us for the first DrupalCon in Asia, please submit your session proposals now! We’re also accepting applications for grants and scholarships, and looking for volunteers to mentor the sprints.

Improvements to

We’d like to give a special thanks to community member Matt Holford, CTO of who volunteered his time in August to help us making improvements to the Drupal Jobs board. He helped to improve the way job postings are listed, helped us adjust how renewed postings would be sorted, and helped improve the data we gather so we can provide a better home for Drupal careers.

Thanks, Matt!

Sustaining Support and Maintenance

Every month there is infrastructure to be maintained and improved, and August was no exception. We performed a number of tasks including updating the SSL cert, rebulding one of our Solr servers to support the upgrade to Solr version 5, improving stability and redundancy of our load balancers.

We also made adjustments to how we maintain our dynamically scaling infrastructure for DrupalCI test bots on Amazon. In August we upsized and rebuilt the dispatcher instance to take advantage of on the fly compression and provide us more capacity for the high volume of testing we’ve already been doing on the new system. Providing testing to the community represents a significant infrastructural cost for the Drupal Association, so we have also been focusing on ways to improve the efficiency of testing and reduce our expenses.


As always, we’d like to say thanks to all volunteers who are working with us and to the Drupal Association Supporters, who made it possible for us to work on these projects.

Follow us on Twitter for regular updates: @drupal_org, @drupal_infra

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Global Training Days spotlight - Taller and Natura in Brazil

September 4, 2015 at 5:09pm

Here we shine the spotlight on one Global Training Day event that came about from a partnership between a Drupal development company and a local cosmetics company. See more wrap up posts from GTD at

You can read the original post from Taller in Portuguese.

Drupal Training Day at Natura from sebas5384

Drupal Global Training Days is an excellent initiative from the Drupal Association to introduce newcomers to Drupal. Companies from all around the world hold Drupal Global Training Days events to inspire and empower new members of the Drupal community to do amazing work. The event also provides companies with a good opportunity to showcase their own Drupal work.

On August 21st and 22nd, the Brazilian Drupal community held a Global Training Day at the Natura headquarters, situated in Cajamar, São Paulo. The event was published as a meetup and had 30 participants, including developers, IT managers, and business users. All were interested in learning more about Drupal. Natura invited me to join as the speaker and mentor of the event, so off to “Sampa” I went to administer the Drupal Training Day.

The morning of the event was dedicated to a introductory mini class called "What is Drupal?" where I talked about the basic concepts of the CMS, its large adoption world-wide, its major features, and various companies who already enjoy the benefits of Drupal.

During the afternoon, participants got some hands-on training with Drupal. We started with a workshop to install and configure a GNU/Linux server and Drupal, then moved on to exploring Drupal’s architecture with the use of content types, field APIs, the hook system, module creation, the use of views, and we even got to dive into developer tools such as the devel module and the Drush command-line tool.

In general, participants had plenty of questions about the history of Drupal and, specifically, how to perform migrations with the CMS on their sites. By the end, I could see that everybody got had a good grasp of Drupal's potential. They marvelled at the autonomy and power Drupal provides for building sites with absolutely no need to know how to program. This was beneficial to the various attendees who were professionals specializing in IT security and marketing, who were curious about the fast time-to-market Drupal is able to deliver.

For those looking to know how the Drupal Global Training Days were around the world, search for #drupalgtd on Twitter and stay tuned to the official page to know when new events will take place. We at Taller are always engaging in community events, keeping true to our motto that 'We are what we do and what we share'.

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Global Training Days - August 2015 Summary

August 27, 2015 at 5:15pm

Global Training Days last weekend was a great success. There were 33 hosts from 21 countries who stepped up to introduce new people to Drupal in both half and full day sessions.

Drupal Global Training Day, Drupak, Peshawar Pakistan from Azmat Shah on Vimeo.

Thank you to the training companies, local groups, and site hosts who made the event possible. We were particularly excited to host a training at the Drupal Association office and we have to thank Gregory Boggs of ThinkShout for leading the full day training. Thanks to Gregory's good work, I started my week with a note from an attendee that said "I learned a lot, all while having a wonderful time!" It doesn't get much better than that.

Check out the photos and updates at #DrupalGTD on Twitter. See the full list on our GTD 2015 page along with reports from the trainers as they come in.

We have one more GTD weekend this year: November 14th-15th. Join the 17 hosts who have already committed to train new Drupalers at Give a training in your community to get everyone started off in the right direction with Drupal.

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2014 Drupal Association Annual Report and Financials

August 24, 2015 at 11:54pm

One of our key values at the Drupal Association is communication:

We value communication. We seek community participation. We are open and transparent.

One of the ways that we try to live this value is by making our numbers -- both operating targets and financial -- available to the public. The monthly board reports share basic financial numbers and all our operational metrics. Once a quarter, we release full financial reports for the previous quarter. You can access all this information at any time on the Association web site.

At the close of each year, we take the opportunity to have our financials reviewed (and sometimes audited). The review process ensures that we've represented our financials properly. This work takes some time. Though our fiscal year closes on 31 December, it takes six to eight weeks to get the final bits and pieces handled in our financial systems. The independent review or audit adds another 8+ weeks to the process of closing out our year. Then we have to review the findings with the Finance Committee and the full Board before we share them publicly. That's why it's August and we're just now sharing the 2014 reviewed financial statements with you.

In 2014 we also began tracking our progress towards several operational goals for the first time. Though we share those numbers every month in the board report, we pulled some of our favorite stats and stories together into an Annual Report to share the work that our financials represent.

What happened in 2014?

2014 was an investment year. Per our Leadership Plan and Budget for the year, our key focus was building an engineering team to first address technical debt on and then take on actual improvements to the site. We purposely built a budget that anticipated a deficit spend in order to fully fund the team. The intent was to also build some new revenue programs (like Drupal Jobs) that would ramp up and eventually allow us to fund the new staff without deficit spending. And that's what we did. We went from two full time staff focused on to ten.

The investment has been paying off. We spent a lot of 2014 playing catch up with technical debt, but also managed to improve site performance markedly while also increasing the portability of our infrastructure. On top of that, staff worked with community volunteers to release new features related to commit messages, profiles, and Drupal 8 release blockers. Most importantly, staff and the working groups prioritized upcoming work and published a strategic roadmap for improvements to

We held two huge DrupalCons, one in Austin and one in Amsterdam, and planned for a third. Our very small team of events staff and a crew of remarkable volunteers hosted over 5,500 people across our two events, all while planning our first Con in Latin America. We had some stumbling blocks and learning opportunities, and have been applying what we learned to the three 2015 DrupalCons.

We launched Drupal Jobs. This was something the community asked for very clearly when we conducted a 2013 study. We’ve seen steady growth in usage since our quiet launch and will continue to refine the site, including our pricing models, so that it is accessible to Drupalers around the world.

We diversified our revenue streams. DrupalCons used to be 100% of our funding. Not only is this a risky business strategy, it puts undue pressure on the Cons to perform financially, leaving us little room to experiment or make decisions that may be right for attendees, but could negatively impact the bottom line. As we increase the funding sources for the Association, we can make more and different choices for these flagship programs and also grow new programs with the community.

We introduced branded content including white papers, infographics, and videos. These materials have been widely used by the community and have helped us understand the audience in a better way. You can see a lot of this work on the Drupal 8 landing pages, where the key content pieces were downloaded thousands of times in 2014.

We released new vision, mission, and values statements for the Association. These tools are really useful in defining the focus of the organization and helping to guide how we get our work done. Working in a community of this size and diversity is extremely challenging. There is no choice we can make that will include everyone’s ideals, but our values help us make those decisions in a way that allows for transparency and open dialogue with the community. It’s something that we try to honor every day.

What about money in 2014?

As anticipated, we ran a deficit in 2014. However, we did manage to grow our overall revenue by about 6% from 2013 to 2014. This trend has continued into 2015, though not at the rate we had hoped. Still, we are now on track to support the investment we made in 2014 into the future. Another key win in 2014 is that we grew non-DrupalCon revenue to 21% of our total revenue. Diversifying our revenue streams reduces our financial risk and takes the pressure off of Cons, allowing us to experiment more.

I want all the details

Excellent! You can check out:

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