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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Acro Media is a Drupal Commerce development agency that specializes in enterprise-level ecommerce. We work with industry leaders looking to take that next step up. We are committed to building strong strategic partnerships and using our ecommerce expertise to help clients create a dynamic web presence that engages audiences, generates revenue, and boosts brand awareness.

On February 1st 2016 we acquired the Commerce Guys' service division for the United States and Canada. We are now the exclusive delivery partner for all commerce-related projects identified by Commerce Guys.

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Drupal contributions

Acro Media has been building and maintaining Drupal websites for our clients for the past 7 years. We have a team of 30+ Drupal developers that are active within the Drupal community contributing to patches, helping in support forums, & supporting projects.

In an effort to bring more focus to our contrib efforts and help the Drupal Commerce ecosystem, Acro Media will be providing development help to a small list of the most commonly needed contrib modules for Drupal Commerce. We will dedicate 1 full developer worth of time to this project. To learn more about this initiative read our blog post.

Last year we began working with Commerce Guys on the design and UX of the upcoming Drupal Commerce 2.X release. Together we’ve taken a new approach when it comes to building in certain best practices to the next iteration of Drupal Commerce. Learn “How Drupal Commerce is Creating the Best Ecommerce Checkout Flow” or

Modules Developed and/or Maintained

Commerce Point of Sale (POS)
A Point of Sale interface for Drupal Commerce, allowing administrators to log in and process payments and returns via an AJAX form interface.

Commerce Fulfillment
Created to ease the process of order fulfillment using the Commerce module. Allows admin to create packages and shipments, customize packing slips and shipping labels, all from within the Drupal admin section. Has an attractive, easy to use UI.

Commerce Wishlist
This module provides a Wishlist to use with Drupal Commerce. Provides an “Add to Wishlist” button on the display product node.

Commerce QuickLook
Commerce QuickLook adds a themeable link to products that allows for a more detailed display of the product when browsing.

Facebook Album
Facebook Album provides a simple block to display public Facebook Page Albums in a gallery and optionally in a Colorbox popup. This module is being used on over 200 websites.

Commerce XLS Import
Commerce Payment Methods Field
Commerce Quickbooks Online UI
Commerce Amazon MWS
Commerce PSiGate
Content Manual Review
Form Confront
Form API Keybinds
Facet API Active Tags
Ubercart Volume Pricing

Commits to Modules

Commerce Pickup, Entity cache for Drupal Commerce, Commerce Discount, Commerce Migrate, Commerce Recurring Framework, Drupal Commerce, Custom Template Suggestions (CTS), Site Disclaimer, UC Wish List, MailChimp, Webform Classes, Search API attachments, Ajax Timeline, Field Defaults, Commerce Invoice Receipt, Commerce Ebay, Act-On Integration, Search API, Commerce Kickstart, Commerce Responsive UI, Commerce Reviews, Commerce Payment Methods Field, Audit Log, Commerce BluePay, Commerce FedEx, Commerce CyberSource SASOP, Commerce Reorder, Commerce Shipment Message Integration, Commerce Add to Cart Extras, Commerce Checkout Progress, Card Payments by Commerce Cardinity, Measurement Protocol, Commerce Authorize.Net, Commerce Wishlists as Orders, Commerce Bundle Helper, Commerce Shipment, Advanced queue, Address Field, Commerce Message, OpenID Connect Single Sign-on, WebHost Manager (WHM) Integration

Projects supported

Migrate Sync, Commerce postcode delivery, Commerce Cart Checkout Panes, Commerce Price Rule, Commerce Price Rules, Commerce Payment Onsite, Commerce Payment Onsite Gateway, Material Design Components, Commerce Shipping Price Matrix, Commerce Simple Order System, Commerce add to cart confirmation - fork, Commerce Images (commerce_images), Commerce Purchase Order Manager (commerce_pom), Commerce Quickbooks Enterprise, wishlist_template, Commerce Product Popup, commerce_wishlist, jQuery Print, Ubercart Fraud, commerce_return_request, facebook_feed, Commerce Bootstrap, Commerce Stacking Dimensions, Commerce Paymentree, Lead Triage, Commerce Order Sub-total, Rules String Length (rules_strlen), Feeds Missing Functionality, ListJs, Form Confront, Commerce Payment Methods Field, Commerce Quickbooks Online UI, Commerce QuickLook, Commerce Amazon MWS, Commerce PSiGate, Content Manual Review, Point of Sale, Form API Keybinds, Facet API Active Tags, Apache Solr Search - Results Per Page, Commerce Fulfillment, Commerce XLS Import, Quickbooks Online API, Commerce Fraud, Facebook Album, Ubercart Volume Pricing, Commerce Point of Sale (POS), Commerce Ajax Add to Cart, Commerce Moneris, Commerce Wishlist

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