The following are the strategic initiatives outlined by Dries Buytaert's State of Drupal May 2016 presentation, based on community survey data from ~2,900 participants.

See How are strategic initiatives chosen? for details on the selection process.

For a full list of all high-priority efforts going on in Drupal core, see

Active initiatives #

These initiatives have roadmaps with formal sign off and their teams are now actively undertaking work.

Media #

Possible implementation, which includes WYSIWYG integration to easily select from an existing media library.

Plan: #2786785: Media in Drupal 8 Initiative

Authors and editors need simple drag-and-drop media and asset handling. Features could include WYSIWYG integration to easily select from existing media library that supports multiple upload and expanded media formats (video, social media).

(Possible mockup)

Blocks and Layout #

A sidebar is exposed with multiple layouts that can be switched between. Clicking on one instantly re-orients the viewport.

Site builders need intuitive tools to build pages, change layouts, and add & rearrange blocks with live preview.

(Possible mockup)

Workflow #

Plan: #2721129: Workflow Initiative

Possible implementation, showing 'election night scenario' of previewing full site regardless of outcome.

Authors and editors need easy-to-use tools to share, review, stage, and collaborate on content before it's live. This initiative includes features such as:

  • The ability to transition content to various states (draft, in moderation, published, etc.)
  • Trash bin to "undo" deletions
  • Full site preview of proposed changes to content, sidebars, menus.
  • Content staging between environments
  • Pre-define deployments that are based on variable criteria (the "election night scenario").

Migrate #

Drupal 6, 7, and 8, with arrows from the various versions.

Plan: #2735059: [META] Stabilize the older Drupal to newer Drupal migration system

Starting with Drupal 8, major version upgrades happen with the migration system. Both Drupal 6->8 and 7->8 migrations are in core, along with a UI for site builders, but require more work to be stable.

API-First #

API-first consists of REST improvements, JS SDK, and GraphQL

Plan: #2721489: REST: top priorities for Drupal 8.2.x #2757967: API-first initiative

Integrate with other systems, bring your content anywhere, display it as you wish.

Planned initiatives #

These initiatives have initial approval, and are undergoing the process of creating a roadmap and assembling a team.

Theme Component Library #

Shows a search block breaking down from component (entire search block) to molecule (search text field + button) to atom (text box only)

Plan: #2702061: Unify & simplify render & theme system: component-based rendering (enables pattern library, style guides, interface previews, client-side re-rendering)

Convert Drupal's complex combination of templates and huge render arrays into a simple, structured tree of reusable components.

Proposed initiatives #

These initiatives are still in "wish list" mode. To move ahead, they need a team assembled and a roadmap started with some initial sign-off.

Data Modeling #

An entity / field modeling tool that has pre-configured sane defaults.

Improve the ability to architect and display structured content.

(Possible mockup)

Cross-Channel Orchestration #

A flowchart illustrating four factors: Context (how to send which notification), Frequency (not too many or too few), Preferences (texts vs. emails), Context (when to send the notification), leading to the proper Channel that's delivered, given the factors.

Allow Drupal to intelligently make decisions based on context, and send non-web notifications of significant events directly to users.