The Drupal mission is to build the best open source content management framework—one that represents the newest ideas and best practices in community publishing, knowledge management, and software design. We believe in open source, innovation, globalism, and collaboration.

Our values

  • Flexibility, simplicity, and utility in our product
  • Teamwork, innovation, and openness in our community
  • Modularity, extensibility, and maintainability in our code

Our principles

  • Modular and extensible: Provide a slim, powerful core that can be readily extended through custom modules
  • Quality coding: Elevate high-quality, elegant, documented code above rough functionality
  • Standards-based: Support established and emergent standards
  • Low-resource demands: Strive for excellent performance by valuing low-profile coding (for example, minimizing database queries) and having minimal, widely-available server-side software requirements
  • Open source: Stay committed to free software development, and build on and support other open source projects
  • Usability: Be easy to use for developers, administrators, designers, and content producers
  • Collaboration: Support open, cooperative information sharing systems and approaches