Drupal.org is a home of the Drupal project and the Drupal community. It is supported and maintained by the Drupal Association with the help of the Drupal community volunteers. Created in 2001, it is one of the largest, continuously operating examples of Drupal.

Over the years, Drupal.org has grown from a single server owned by a contributor to multiple racks at the data center, plus cloud resources and content distribution networks spread across the globe. Drupal.org is more than a single site. There are over 20 services and sub-sites that make up the ecosystem that powers the Drupal community.

What is coming next for Drupal.org? Who maintains Drupal.org? How can I contribute? What software does Drupal.org use? What hardware Drupal.org runs on? Does Drupal.org have an API?

Stay up-to-date

Posts and announcements

News page is a place for all major Drupal.org announcements. You can subscribe via RSS.

tvn blogs various news and updates as well as regular 'What's new on Drupal.org' posts from the team.

Change notifications mailing list

Every Thursday, around 19:00 to 20:00 UTC (11:00 am to 12:00 pm PDT), Drupal Association staff sends out an email containing a list of planned changes for the following week. Subscribe to the list or view past changes. Read more about Drupal.org Change Notifications.

Get help / Report a problem

Issues for Drupal.org can be created in a number of issue queues. If you need help with your Drupal.org user account, content or functionality, or want to report a bug, please search all Drupal.org issues first. Most of the times an issue about the problem you've encountered already exists.

If you are absolutely sure there is no existing issue about a problem you want to report, you can create one of the following:

  • Drupal.org Webmasters issue for user account related requests, spam reports, etc.
  • Drupal.org Customizations issue for all software related bugs. Such as, 'I get an error message when opening my Dashboard', 'Issues in my tracker as not sorted properly', etc.
  • Drupal.org Content issue for requests related to your content, e.g. your organization page or case study, or any content on the site. Such as, 'Url on this page is broken', 'This page has outdated content', etc.
  • Drupal.org Infrastructure issue for all infrastructure related bugs. Such as, 'I can't push a commit to my Git repository', 'Release for my project isn't being packaged', etc.
  • Drupal.org Testbot issue for all testbot related bugs. Such as, 'Patches are not being tested', 'We need more testbots', etc.

If you can't log in to Drupal.org, and, therefore, can't open an issue, send an email to help@drupal.org.