Vote for Drupal as best Overall Open Source CMS

Vote for Drupal as best PHP CMS

Last year Drupal won 2007 Best Overall Open Source CMS. That was before we released Drupal 6.

This year, Drupal 6 was nominated for best CMS in two categories. Please help us by voting for Drupal in both of them:

"Following six weeks of intense voting, Packt can now exclusively reveal the Content Management Systems that have made the final of the four different categories. With the final voting stage opening on September 1, the competition is likely to be strong with new CMS's joining some of the more established names in each category to compete for a share of the $20,000 prize money."

"As usual, judging comes from a panel of experienced and respected figures from the Content Management and Open Source industry. They will be selecting their top three based on a number of factors including performance, usability, accessibility, ease of configuration and customization, scalability and security.

The final judge is made up of votes from customers and visitors to You have the chance to support your favourite CMS by submitting a vote when the final five are announced."


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Voted - Drupal boost world wide - Wolfflow

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Just voted. Drupal rocks!

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Voted! I have studied several CMS systems before, and decided to use Drupal. I have used Drupal for 2 years and it's still the best!

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Voted! :)

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One question, the award is for Drupal as a whole, or Drupal 6.x as a CMS release?

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it's for the project as a whole and not any specific release.



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I had the doubt because the post says:

This year, Drupal 6 was nominated for best CMS in two categories. Please help us by voting for Drupal in both of them

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i usually imagine things like this.."you wanna high votes? hey,come to china. we have plenty of people."
just a joke.
drupal rocks!


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Like I always do, I voted again, twice.
Go Drupal, go!!!

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Super! Drupal boost the world!

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voted :)
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voted. love drupal!

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I did it ;)

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Voted :)

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+1 :)

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+1 :)

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Happy to vote :)

sumit kataria

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Happy to vote :)

sumit kataria

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hope drupal wins this year too!!!

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Too bad they link to that awful demo.

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Our days of easy Digg front pages are over. We have to do more work now, but this is definitely worth it. Use the Digg link please.

- Robert Douglass

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1. Voted!
2. Voted!
3. Dugg!

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Dugg, you think we can get this to the digg frontpage? Lets try!

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a bit surprised that wordpress wasn't there... (and Xoops was.) Time's are a-changin'!


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Even though I disagree with the strategy to ignore backward compatibility with old releases, I voted for it anyway.

What I said about ignoring backward compatibility is, every time new version of Drupal being released, all modules have to be upgraded to be able to work with the new version. This is really unnecessary double work, which most module maintainers do not want to do. In the end, it takes months before all modules support the new version.

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I read that in March before I decided to use Drupal, after trying a lot of CMS'. I also read Dries' blog, along with the discussion there. I didn't want to bring up the same discussion, but I just would like to express my opinion on this.

I totally agree with the idea of always getting at the top notch of technology. But that should not mean breaking the support of previous versions, particularly the old versions' API. If the users want to upgrade to the new version, all APIs from the old versions should just work in the new versions. That would make very little effort in upgrading the old version's modules. But all new features in the new versions should not be backported to the old ones, as that also means double works.

I am not a software programmer so I am not sure how to implement that. But I think there must be a way to workaround that as it is just a piece of software. Maybe that can be done by implementing a "compatibility interface" or something like that. So API’s that are not supported by the new version can be managed via that interface. Of course, performance will be affected. But at least that will provide the choice to the users to use new features and also still use the old version’s modules. And that will also make the module maintainers more relax.

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Even if you're not a programmer. If you can copy/paste PHP around, you can often get a good chunk of the way there yourself.

Maintaining a backwards-compatibility layer, however is a) (at least) double the maintenance work, b) incurs a performance overhead, c) extremely error-prone, and d) often times simply impossible. Most changes are not as simple as "rename function_a() to function_b()" and in fact result in huge underlying changes with many benefits that would be lost if we were doing things twice.

So my suggestion: help chip in and port the modules you want to see ported. For the vast majority of modules, it's relatively quick and easy, and helps get you more familiar with the code so you can make the leap to creating your own modules one day. :)

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I don't think what you said is entirely true. To give you an overview about my understanding of Drupal, my comment is actually coming from my frustrations which I wrote in So yes, I did try porting some modules without success. Maybe I am a complete idiot :)

If porting old version's modules is piece of cake, why there is only a few modules ported to Drupal 7 even it was first released more than a year ago (2nd of July 2007)? In fact until now, there is practically no usable modules in Drupal 7 for the end users, a part from development related modules. If you said, Drupal 7 is not the stable release, let's talk about Drupal 6.4 then. Why there are a lot of people still asking when this or that modules will be ported to Drupal 6.x? The module maintainers can definitely do more than just copy and paste, so they should be able to upgrade their modules in a split second, if what you said is true. But in reality, it is not like that.

My suggestion is actually to create entirely new separate interface in the new version, to manage the backward compatibility. But as I said, I am not a software programmer so I don’t know how to make it happen. If I could I will definitely create my own CMS or at least fork Drupal :)

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Drupal 7 is not released. STOP! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

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I said also about Drupal 6.4. How about that?

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but you want me to answer the same question every month. My answer is still: NO

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I am just explaining the fact based on what webchick said. The fact is, it is not easy to port the old version's modules to the new version, even for the experience PHP programmers as they can not even do that in short period of time, e.g. in a month.

You don't need to answer the same question every month. Actually, you don't even need to answer such of these questions. I am not sure with the other who raised the same questions, but for me I am hoping that somebody or a group of programmers with different view (instead of just sticking to the word: "no backward compatibility") will say: "OK, maybe that is not a bad idea. I know how that should be done, but I don't have time. So let's do that together". After all, collaboration is the key word in FOSS.

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Please, continue this discussion in the other threads dedicated to that. I don't think this is the right place to discuss about that.

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I stop that.

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Voted and Dugg!’s picture

Voted, and calling a dozen of friends to vote.
"Design Professionals Community"

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Voted for Drupal!

Next year I hope to see some Ruby on Rails based contenders!
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Possibly the worst documented open-source contribution in the history of the Intranet! Takes time to learn, but when you get it to work, it does work well!! Liking it! Voted!

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Voted! i think that drupal have to win :D
lets go for the win *katsching*


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Jusrt Voted!


My Drupal Site:

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Go Drupal - Go!

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Drupal FTW!

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voted :), hope you win drupal

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voted! i hope drupal will win again.

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voted.. drupal f***in' rocks..!!

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Guess what ... I voted :)

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voted... thanks drupal.

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Voted :-)

Last time there were too many people who digged this - lets hope Drupal wins this time.


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Voted for the BEST!

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Just voted! Hopefully, it isn't too late!

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the voting is already finished.
Drupal won!!!

Have a look at