Drupal is a Webware 100 winner for the third year in a row. This year Drupal was in the Social & Publishing category with well known services including MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress.com. Drupal was one of 10 winners in the category.


The 2009 Webware 100 Awards recognize the best Web 2.0 sites, services, and applications on the Web today. After receiving more than 6,000 nominations for inclusion in the Webware 100, our editors selected 300 finalists. But the Web's users made the final cut, voting more than 600,000 times to select the 100 top products -- 10 each in 10 categories -- from our list of 300 finalists.

If you are a member of the Drupal community, you can add one of these badges to your Drupal site. A big thank-you goes out to all those supporters who voted for Drupal in the awards.


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Congratulations Drupal!

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Good job everyone who works with Drupal and everyone who voted! Great stuff.

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Hi all,

Congratulations to Drupal community, and a BIG thank you!

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Great achievement ....!!!

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I knew the competition was tough but I was surprised to see who we were competing against in the announcement.

Surprises included a few products that did not make the final list of winners. Google's Blogger didn't make the cut, for example. In fact, Google had no winners in the hotly-contested "Social & Publishing" category at all; this category got more votes, 185,000, more than any other.

Digg also didn't place in the winners' lineup this year, nor did it last year. Although a "dugg" ballot for a contest like the Webware 100 can generate a big spike in votes, our traffic charts show that these spikes don't lead to the the sustained traffic necessary to drive enough votes to win in a category.

Kieran Lal

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Congratulations !!

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Drupal is the best!

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Congrats to the community !

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Congrats drupal

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Congrats to Drupalers :)

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When you look at what was in the same category thats a very impressive win, good going drupal team :-)

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Great, but we can use your "badges" even if we are not a (paying) member? It is a great marketing of Drupal for our readers

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There is no cost to be a member of the Drupal community, so anyone in the Drupal community can add the Webware 100 2009 badges to their website.

The only paid membership for Drupal is the Drupal association membership. Paid membership in the Drupal association is way for community members to provide financial support for the Drupal project by funding infrastructure, Drupalcons, the redesign, and marketing activities. See http://association.drupal.org/membership

Kieran Lal

Kieran Lal

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Congratulations all! Whatever Drupal business you're in, I think everyone worked hard to improve Drupal on almost any level. The proposition it has for the variety of enterprises is expanding almost each day. The recognition Drupal gets is a testimony to this achievement, I think!
Beers! ...and then back to our labours. ;-)

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Congratulations to the Drupal community!
Drupal Theme Garden

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congratulations to drupal and the community

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Wow, 3rd year in a row! This is becoming a tradition.

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Congratulations! Let's add a few more years!

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Three down, many more to go!

Congrats to all. Especially to Dries.

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Its good to see that the professionals know whats up!

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Go Drupal!! :)

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Drupal FTW!

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Drupal is the best !!!! long live to drupal :)

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Congratulations to Drupal community!!


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That is a pretty tough category. Congrats on taking it down

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Great going Drupal !!
With release of Drupal 7 can we get nominated to more categories ???

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not just because but
it is just amazing

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Congratulations to the whole team. Your efforts made this happen..

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it's always great to win something :)

even if it's by being a member of this community ;)

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Congrats drupal! its not so weird because its usual for drupal:) Drupal the best!

Thank you,

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Great news!

Long life Drupal..


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Congratulations Drupal team and community

Looking forward to more wins with D7

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this Drupal site is best in 2009 so be success in every movements. congragulations

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Go Drupal!! :)