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4.598595 -74.076658
DrupalCon Latin America
10-12 February 2015
55.839999999999996 38.198056
46.5 -81
Devin Carlson committed Issue #2461677...
52.205337 0.121817
49.229491 -123.002575
19.1343823 72.8643981
Rahul Seth committed Pushing Entity Bulk Module.
40.6182607 22.957049299999998
-23.506229 -47.45591
19.1343823 72.8643981
Rahul Seth committed Initial commit.
40.6182607 22.957049299999998
55.9 -3.2
joachim committed by joachim: Fixed indentation in Flagging...
40.6182607 22.957049299999998
36.350200572683605 -86.9008494235001
55.676097 12.568337
jacobfriis committed - Translate once more if a field label/...
37.890252499999995 23.772771499999998
-33.8566299 151.207039
RdeBoer committed Refine visibility of options in...
43.0759525 -89.3763983
-33.8566299 151.207039
RdeBoer committed UI improvements around...
-32.3364522 115.8255503
40.079277 -75.301571
calmforce committed comment changes
52.1686544 -1.2181922
40.079277 -75.301571
calmforce committed some unused code removed
44.8149747 -93.2080991
28.459497 77.026638
40.079277 -75.301571
calmforce committed some unused code removed
Aaron Winborn Community Spotlight

Drupal users around the world know Aaron Winborn (aaron), a long-time community member who made countless contributions to the project and to the people who use it. Read more

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