Drupal has won the Hall of Fame Award in the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards. Drupal previously won the 2007 and 2008 Best Overall Open Source CMS Award. As a result of the previous wins, Drupal graduated to the Hall of Fame along with Joomla.

It is a great honor for the Drupal community to be the first winner of the Open Source CMS Hall of Fame Award. The Drupal community has worked hard to improve Drupal by adding internationalization, enhancing security, facilitating customization, increasing extensibility, and easing the user experience. This award is a great complement to winning the 2009 Open Source PHP CMS for the second year in a row. This critical recognition helps build both momentum and excitement towards releasing Drupal 7 in 2010.

This award has a $4000 prize, bringing the total prize money from the Packt Open Source CMS awards to $6000. The money will go to the Drupal association to help pay for drupal.org infrastructure, marketing, and Drupalcon events.

Three members of the Drupal community have also won awards for MVP, Hall of Fame best module and best theme. We will recognize those winners on the front page tomorrow.


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It's great to see all the positive Drupal news lately. Big awards, big sites (whitehouse.gov!), big conferences (Drupalcon SF), and big releases on the horizon... Looking forward to another great year in 2010.

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Drupal will win next year too . I will be pleased to work hard towards that.

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Pleased to read this. Drupal is a win-win relationship with our deployments. Our web applications have been more fun to code since we adopted Drupal, a year ago.

It just... it's kwl man... :)

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Drupal did it again.

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Yay Drupal!!

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Drupal is the best CMS on the NET. A great Community is what puts the icing on the cake. Simple and Powerful. User Friendly CMS. No other CMS can top this community. Thanks again for a great year Drupal.

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quoted for truth

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Congratulations from Denmark! :-)


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Congrats Drupal. You did it again....

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This year is a great year for Drupal with White House / The Economist / Universities adopting Drupal and lots of awards won. I believe next year is going to be better than this year with Drupal 7 release.

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A big Hi, from Ecuador... where joomla is taking advantage still in our land =(
I think is time to upgrade the drupal.org site with a new, clean and beauty site to celebrate xD.

"...a good platform is always followed by a good design.

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Viva forever ....

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So glad to hear that! More and more Chinese websites are built by Drupal CMS!

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I have been waiting this news in these month.
This is a good news we want!


sekaiweb limited in Hong Kong

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Congratulations Drupal!

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Go ahead .....................

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¡¡que grandeeeeeeee!!

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;) . . . congrats to the community!keep it up!

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go Drupal go!
If only the users of the other CMSs would give a good try to Drupal, they'll do what I did: never look back again.
Happy to see that Views was awarded too, although when I think of Views I can't see it dissociated from CCK. They just complete each-other like soul mates.

no signature is a good signature

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Congratulations to drupal community

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No doubt, drupal is one of the best architected web framework out there. Drupal deserves this. Hats off to you drupal developers and the entire drupal community. More awards on the way!!

from the ubun2.com team http://www.ubun2.com

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Congrats Drupal!!!

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From me to the whole DP community: Congratulations! Drupal is a kick-ass CMS/CMF and I've been using it with much love (and hate alltogether) since I adopted it in version 4.7.


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Toppers as usual. Congrats and best wishes for next year. You are helping many peoples for free. God will definitely give you not only this award but many other awards too.


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congratulations to the core team/contributors/community on this prestigious award.


Yashesh Bhatia

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What great news!

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Congratulations to all contributors. Keep going this way.

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A well-deserved award for sure!

Thanks to everyone who develops modules and themes, helps in the forums, shares knowledge and promotes Drupal...



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What else to say...People love drupal.

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The money will go to the Drupal association to help pay for drupal.org infrastructure, marketing, and Drupalcon events.

the marketing part made me giggle, now with the whitehouse.gov running Drupal, marketing is futile...

*ment as a pun*

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It's good to see Drupal won again.
Congrats to all Drupal team.

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Big enterprises that invested in commercial CMS tools are collapsing due to shortage of funds. After the series of awards won by Drupal, I hope they realize the power of Drupal soon.

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That is just fantastic guys. Just great.

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WordPress has won the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award in the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards.


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Viva forever .....

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yes very good...